Writing Inspiration Via Ambient Noise [NaNoWriMo Special]

Writing Inspiration
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Writing is a form of art. Even when you’re working on a scientific essay, you need to find the perfectly fitting formulations to get your point across. Next to motivation and determination, what do you need to fulfill such writing tasks? Exactly, inspiration!

For essays or school work, writing inspiration may be found in the subject itself. But especially when you are writing fiction (for example for NaNoWriMo), you need a lot of inspiration and imagination on your way. Scenes and plots have to be entwined and brought into a logical order. Solutions to problems have to be found, realistic conflicts have to be created. What if you are lacking the inspiration though?

We at Ambient-Mixer.com have a solution: draw writing inspiration from ambient noise!


Ambient Noise For Writing Inspiration

It may not come as a surprise to you that music can help you focus. Not only does it drown out unwanted noise, but music can also help you remember things like dates, concepts, vocabulary and such a lot better while studying. Of course, there are also certain environments that help you to concentrate on the task at hand, including writing. Yet, what’s all concentration and focus worth when you do not have the inspiration to write?

Yes, music and ambient noise can help here too. You can draw inspiration from lyrics in popular or your favorite songs, of course. But have you ever considered ambient noise to boost your inspiration? We are not talking about the annoying dog barking outside or the squeaking ceiling fan. In fact, such unwanted noises can be easily drowned out by using the “right” ambient noise!

Following, we gathered some ambient noise themes that can help you to:

  • drown out unwanted ambient noise
  • concentrate on your writing
  • boost your imagination
  • get inspired for the scene you are writing


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Nature Sounds

There is a weather for every mood. Rain, sunshine, snow, storms, thunder – when you need to be in a certain modd for writing, try to get into the mood by natural sounds. They can calm you, rile you aup or even make you scared. At least a tiny bit. Different environments like a beach, a forest or a wide grassland can help you to get a certain feeling that you need for your writing.


countrythunderstormCountry Thunderstorm

forestwalkdaylightForest Walk – Daylight

beachvacationBeach Vacation

rainydayRainy Day


Ambient Noise Inspired By Movies, Series & Books

There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from other people’s work! Getting inspired is different from stealing or copying. You do not copy the words or style or ideas of a person 1-to-1. Instead, you take their ideas and turn them into something completely new, find new solutions for their problems, think of different outcomes for their conflicts.

For generations, books, movies and series have inspired one another. Take the Netflix Original “Stranger Things” for example. Without Steven Spielberg’s E.T. and other 80’s pop culture, we would have never gotten such an amazing TV series!

Don’t feel bad when you thus draw inspiration from your favorite movie, a TV series that got you hooked, or a book that moved you. Our users have created a wide variety of ambient noise mixes based on their favorite series, book or movie. The following are just some few examples.


Harry PotterstormonthehogwartsexpressOn the Hogwarts Express

Doctor WhoinsidethetardisInside the Tardis

Game of ThroneswinterfellWinterfell

Star WarsnightshiftondeathstarNight at the Death Star


The Walking Dead

Marvel’s Avengers
hydratortureroomHydra Torture Room

Phantom of the Opera

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Ambient Noise Inspired By Video & Board Games

Books and movies are not the only way to get fiction to the masses. Nowadays almost every home has a gaming console. Video games but also board games are a way to tell a story interactively. The player can actively shape the outcome of the game or be a part of the story itself.

Thus, why not draw inspiration from video games, board games or RPG campaigns either?


Arcade Games
1980s Arcade

The Elder Scrolls
Skyrim Atmosphere


firstbloodFirst Blood



World of Warcraft

Settlers of Catan
settlersofcatanSettlers of Catan


Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Steampunk Sounds

Writing fiction enables us to venture into worlds that do not exist. A world of living machines, monsters, sentinent objects, horrifying terrors, and so on. If you are writing a story set in another world, try out these ambient mixes for fantasy or sci-fi worlds. Grinding gears and the huffing of engines may be the inspiration you need for your steampunk novel. Or are you writing a horror story? Scare yourself with ambiances that leave open what exactly is watching you from the dark.


elementsofmagicElements of Magic

openspaceportOpen Space Port

hauntedhouseHaunted House


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