Ambient Noise Mixes For Writing Fanfiction

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July is the month of the second, annual Camp NaNoWriMo session. Maybe you are participating in July’s NaNoWriMo session or just a passionate writer in general. In either way, we wanted to talk about a different genre of writing today: fanfiction.

We will have a look at what fanfiction is and provide the ideal background atmosphere for your writing.


Writing Fanfiction With Ambient Noise

Later, we explore the different “fandoms” the Ambient Mixer users have already created numerous background noise tracks for. But before that, lets have a look at what you need to know about it is first.


What Is Fanfiction

As the name suggests, fanfiction (or short: fanfic) is fictional work created by fans of a certain book, TV series, movie, game and more. In most cases, this fictional work consists of writing. For drawings, sketches and other visual work, the term fanart is commonly used instead.

Fanfiction is, as said, written by fans of a certain media or genre and contains the characters and plots of their favorite subject. Though, the work of fanfiction often differs from the original work in terms of relationships between characters, the outcome of events, or it simply takes the characters and plot lines further than the original work did, happening after it ended.

Unfortunately, fanfiction has a bad reputation. Yet, it is often the first step of many people to get to actual, original fictional writing. Thus, many fanfiction writers are of a quite young age and the quality of the written work is often far from being good. That is not true for all fictional pieces created by fans out there though. If you have the patience and passion to do so, you can find pieces that are written very well, adhere to the character development in the original work and can function as amazing additions to a completed series, book, movie, etc.


Some terminology:

  • canon – something established in the original work
  • head-canon – a new addition in the fanfiction that is not acknowledged by the original work
  • extended universe – an extension of the world created by the original work
  • alternative universe (au) – an alternative version of the world created in the original work
  • fandom – a group of people that are fans of a certain book, TV series, movie, video game, etc.
  • crossover – combining different pieces of original work into one


Ambient Mixes For Writing Fanfiction

On, the users have created many mixes based on their favorite books, movies, video games, TV series and other fictional work. While they work well as reminders, bases for daydreaming and inspiration for original work, they also serve well as background sounds for creating fanfics.

Following, we will have a look at the different fandoms that already have quite some mixes created for them as well as those that already got their very own category on

Ambient Soundscapes Based on Movies

The following movies or cinematic universes already have their very own category:

However, there are much more movies that are so beloved by fans that they took to Ambient Mixer to create soundscapes. Here’s only a small selection. Of course, you can find more and even create your own!

Ambient Mixes Inspired by TV Series

These TV series have already “earned” a category on the website, sporting a large number of mixes:

Of course other series get a lot of love on as well!

Ambient Sounds Based on Books

Books are an inspiration for many, thus it’s no surprise that you will find many entries here that you already spotted in the TV series or movie category. Check out these categories of famous books & book series:

Likewise, there are many other books and book series that inspired our users to create new ambient mixes. If you think one is missing, maybe you should add your personal favorites as well.

Background Sounds Inspired by Video Games

There is no extra category for individual video game franchises yet, but they are all gathered under this category:

However, many popular video game franchises have sparked our user’s imagination for diverse and beautiful ambient mixes. Check out the following, search for your favorite or create your own!


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