Ambient Music Inspired by Video Games

Video Games are amazing. They not only bring you into a completely different world, they let you be an active part of it as well.

Video Games - Bioshock
Image by greyloch

Such games are designed to give us the opportunity to be someone else, do things we would not do in real life or are simply unable to do. They entertain us, let us forget about stress and our daily lives for a few hours, and they inspire us. What is often overlooked though is the music behind it all, the sounds and notes that set the perfect scene for your gameplay. It’s not the big and well-known songs like Skyrim’s “The Song of the Dragonborn”, but also the environmental sounds, the magical tones, and the noises of sword battles, car chases, or gun fire that make us feel like truly being a part of the game.

Ambient music inspired by video games can bring the feelings and emotions you had while playing right back to you, letting you never forget when you successfully finished your first mission or slayed your first dragon.

These pieces of music are often overlooked and not recognized when being in the heat of the game, yet no video game would be the same amazing experience without them. Take the chance to listen to some pieces of ambient music that have been inspired by some of your favorite video games.


Being part of the “The Elder Scrolls” universe, Skyrim has it’s very unique look and feel, featuring a vast open world with stunning graphics – and heroic music. Everyone who has listened to “The Song of the Dragonborn” knows that this game is action-packed with fantastical beasts and exciting quests. The setting and atmosphere of the world of Skyrim has inspired some great ambient tracks created by our users to make you feel like you are part of The Elder Scrolls.


Underwater settings always have a creepy feel to them. Thus, the city of Rapture is the perfect setting for the darker tone of the BioShock games. Eerie music and fast rhythms give you the right feel for the dangers that hide not only in the shadows of a city that, once, had such a bright future. Inspired by the dark tone of BioShock, these ambient sound mixes bring the feelings of playing the game for the first time right back to you.

Mass Effect

From fantastical medieval landscapes and dark underwater cities to the endlessness of space. Mass Effect is like a science fiction movie you can be a part of. The ambient music inspired by Mass Effect sets the perfect scene with eerie industrial sounds, machine rumbles, and the white noise of the endless universe.

Silent Hill

If you’re more a fan of horror and the scary kinds of games, Silent Hill surely didn’t go unnoticed with you. The sounds of sirens and something creeping closer in the dark is all it needs to send a shiver down your spine when listening to these Silent Hill inspired ambient music mixes.

Other Games

The possibilities are endless, and just as different as the games you play can be, as diverse are the ambient music inspired by them. No matter if it’s the creepy atmosphere of Slenderman’s forest, the feeling of being trapped in the wastelands of the Fallout games, or the soothing and happy sounds inspired by Kingdom Hearts – every video game has it’s unique setting and thus it’s unique music.

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