Ambient Music Inspired by Movies

Great movies are a thing of beauty.

music inspired by music
image by Anirudh Koul

They entertain us and they inspire us. However, one part of those fabulous movies and television shows that often gets overlooked is the music that is behind them. Of course, there are the “big” songs and sounds everyone knows, but it’s the background music that plays during the movie that really sets the stage for the entire show. Great ambient music inspired by movies can put you right back into the feelings and emotions you experienced when watching your favorites for the very first time.

In most cases, you don’t even recognize the job that is being done by the background / ambient music that is playing, but the movie wouldn’t give you the same experience and emotions if it wasn’t there. Now you have the chance to hear some great ambient music that was inspired by some of your favorite movies and television shows.

Game of Thrones

The television series Game of Thrones certainly has its own look and feel that surrounds it, and their music is a big part of this. The beats of the memorable opening title sequence build the anticipation for what is to come. This is your chance to hear some great ambient tracks that were inspired by Game of Thrones.  The tracks include sounds of a Late Dinner at Winterfell, Lord Tyrion’s Trial and of course, something to remind you of the mysterious Wall.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books and movies are among the most popular of all time. It’s not a stretch to say that everyone loves the Harry Potter universe. That is why we have more than 20 ambient tracks inspired by the Harry Potter series. You can hear sounds from the common rooms for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. We also have great tracks from The Great Hall, Hogwarts Library or Night at Hogwarts castle.

Music inspired by movies has many uses and these particular tracks would be PERFECT background music for someone reading (or re-reading) the books and a few are tailor made for the upcoming Halloween season.

Star Wars

Whether you are a fan of the original from “a long time ago”, or a new fan, the music of Star Wars instantly sets the stage for the all time battle between good and evil. Here are a few tracks inspired by Star Wars that are focused on Jabba’s Palace, the Super Star Destroyer Bridge and Andeddu’s Temple Exploration.

Superhero Movies

Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… another one of those wonderfully entertaining super hero movies that people are flocking to see. Whether you are a fan of the original comics or just of the mega hit movies that were inspired by them, these ambient tracks will put you right in the middle of their world. These tracks of music inspired by movies will make you feel like a super hero!

Ever wonder what the Batcave would sound like? What about Steve’s (Captain America) Room or Doc Ock’s Lair? We even have a track to let you know what it would sound like in Tony (Stark) and Bruce’s (Banner) lab.

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