Can Music Help You Focus?

Music is one of the methods of expressing what you cannot put into words. And that is just one reason why it is deemed as the triumph of human creativity. Here are all the ways music can really help you focus.

A Distraction from A Distraction

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In fact, it is more like elimination of other distractions around you. There is one thing that everyone knows – a noisy workplace has the power to halt productivity in its tracks. If your annoying coworker can’t stop talking about their amazing trip to Mauritius, or just keep calling you over to their workstation just to show you their over-photoshopped wedding pics, simply avoid eye contact, put on your headphones, and click play on your favorite playlist. It will help you focus on the task at hand by eliminating all external noise. This tip is also valid for people who work alone.

Ambient Noise Is the Answer

For people who need creative sessions to get work done, this is one way ambient music presents that can help you. Researchers tell that it is the moderate noise level that can get your mental juices flowing but if you increase that, it can have the totally opposite effect. So there seem to be two things you should stay away from, music that is too loud, and music that is too low. In the same way, screeching synths, and deep basses are supposed to energize you, but when you are deep into your work already, you might want to go for mellow sounds.

Familiarity Could Lead To Focus

If you intensely need to focus on a project, make sure that you listen to music that you are familiar with. This is the only way you can dedicate intense focus. The major reason for this is that new music is always surprising ad therefore diverts your attention away from the work.

Lyrics Have Always Been Distracting

For activities that demand low immersion, music with lyrics are a great thing and everyone who has ever been inside a gym will tell you that music helps with intense exercise. That being said, if you are indulging in immersive tasks, such as editing a blog post before it is published, lyrics will simply destroy your focus.

What happens is that listening to words can activate the language center of the brain, which leads to it engaging the mind in other language-related tasks.

Where Does What Genre Work

Electronic music has ‘ambient electronica’ with subgenres like ambient house, downtempo, chillout etc. They all seem to fit well in the need for sound that is there but unobtrusive. The music is repetitive but in a good way.

Now with symphonic music, we have dramatic ups and downs. However, there are a couple of producers who aim to make soundscapes that concentrate on only a few melodies that just repeat and build upon each other. At the end, the songs focus on your focus.

Classical Music lacks lyrics as much as we have today, if you want to get things done by the dead line, download some tracks now. But not all classical music is the same. You need Baroque period music, as many studies report that it increases productivity considerably. In the same way, Toccata and Fugue has too many turns and twists that it becomes difficult to concentrate.

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