The Relaxing Effect of Meadow Sounds

Relaxing Summer Meadow
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Summer means beaches and water, tropical landscapes with palm trees and sand. But you don’t need to live near a beach or fly to Hawaii to have a blast this summer. Other, non-beachy landscapes have their very distinct positive features as well.

Of course, nothing speaks against a warm summer day in the city. Cool down between shopping and sight seeing with an iced coffee, sundae or ice cream cone. However, we want to have a look at the more rural summer feelings today. Thus, plug in your headphones and check out the benefits and relaxing effect of the sounds of a buzzing summer meadow.


Relaxing with Summer Meadow Ambient Noise

You think that the meadow, this bigger grassland just outside your house or neighborhood is boring? Think again. Meadows are a great place to be, especially in summer. Just make sure to use enough insects repellent.

But seriously, go get out there. You can tan just as well on a beach towel when it is spread out on soft and scenting grass. Work on your tan or have a picnic. Sit down in the shady spot underneath a tree to red. Or grab a ball, badminton rackets, a peteca or any other fun game you can play where you have a lot of space. Whether you go alone or drag your friends or family along, a day out in nature is always a win.


What makes the sounds of a meadow?

What is it that you associate with a flowery meadow or fast grasslands? Which kinds of sounds come into mind when you close your eyes and dream yourself into a peaceful, rural setting?


Most of the ambient noise tracks we present below consist of the basic “meadow” sounds: wind, birds, chirping insects, bees. Some add a more watery element by adding the sound of a gurgling stream and croaking frogs. In the distance, you may hear soft traffic from a nearby road, or the bells of a church tower from a village that’s not far away.

Sunny Meadow Sounds


During the night, these sounds tend to change. Grasshoppers and cicadas do a swap with crickets and hardly any songbird can be heard anymore. Instead, owls on the prowl can be heard hooting in the night. Pair this up with some calming music and you have the perfect, natural lullaby.

Grasslands At Night

Relax and calm down with this selection of dusk and nighttime ambient noise mixes.

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