Ambient Music Inspired By TV Series

We have dedicated an article to ambient music inspired by movies already, however, movies aren’t the only story-telling moving pictures that flicker over our screens. While episodes are shorter than an average movie, (television) series span over several years in the best case, resulting in many seasons. And just like movies, the stories told are almost secretly boosted with the music that accompanies them.

TV Series
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There is no big film score, but the background music of series ads greatly to the atmospheres portrayed. And the one thing surely standing out is that one theme that plays every time when a new episode of our favorite TV series draws us back in front of the TV, computer, or Netflix account.

It is no wonder that the characters of TV series, just like those in books, grow on us a lot more than the ones of a single movie, because we accompany them on their journey through life for a much longer time. Thus, it’s no wonder that great series inspire fans to become creative – may it be by writing stories for their beloved characters, by drawing pictures and illustrations (so-called fanfiction and fanart), or by creating a personalized “score” for their favorite series.

Game of Thrones

First, there were the books. With his literature series A Song of Ice and Fire, G.R.R. Martin got a steadily growing fan base, but only after HBO adapted the book series and created a stunning and fantastical TV series out of it, people became more than obsessed with the different families living in and around Westeros.

Users have already created great ambient tracks inspired by Game of Thrones, bringing you straight to Kings Landing, in the camp of the Dothraki, or to Lord Tyrion Lannister’s trial. And if that’s not enough for you, if you are missing sounscapes from Jon Snow’s struggle with the wildlings, or Arya’s journe with The Hound, you can always create your own.

Valar Morghulis!

Doctor Who

No matter who’s your favorite Doctor – 1, 5, 9, or maybe 11 – fans of all can agree that Doctor Who is quite literally out of this world! And these sound mixes inspired by the sci-fi series can get you a bit closer to become the companion of one of the doctors. Travel inside the Tardis or fight the Weeping Angels, and become part of the incredible Dr. Who universe.


Monsters aren’t real? Dean and Sam Winchester would disagree. Angels do not exist? Well, ask Castiel then! Fans of Supernatural are already spoiled by the great music that often accompanies the brothers’ ride in the Impala, but there’s also a lovely, fan-inspired collection of Supernatural soundscapes that includes road trips, study sessions, hunting trips, and the scary sounds of hell itself.


What would it look like if the world famous private investigator Sherlock Holmes would solve his mysteries and crimes in modern day times? Thanks to BBC, we do not have to ponder over this question, especially with Benedict Cumberbatch bringing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character to life like no one before him.

Ambient tracks inspired by Sherlock take you to London, more specifically to Baker Street 221B, and let you be part of the riddles and egocentric life of Sherlock Holmes, Watson, and the infamous Professor Moriarty.

Other Series

And these are just a few examples. Fandoms like those of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Teen Wolf are predestined to inspire ambient tracks as well. Imagination never ends!

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