Top 10 Sounds for the Elements – Earth

There are four elements that are regarded as classical elements. Sometimes they vary, sometimes there are five or six. In many traditions all over the globe – and time – four of them occur again and again. These are:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water

In Asian, ancient Greek, and Roman, but also in modern practices, the element earth is used for different purposes. As background sounds, they can serve in mindfulness and meditation, for rituals and drawing sessions, for either writing or reading.

Let’s have a look at the element EARTH and sounds that represent it.

What Is The Earth Element?

Earth is one of the classical Elements in different Asian, Western, and African traditions. It’s often directly linked to the Mother Earth deity in the different traditions. Of course, it’s also part of (neo) pagan and Wicca rituals and workings.

A downward-pointing triangle with a horizontal line bisecting it is used for the alchemical symbol of the element. The cardinal direction associated with Earth the most is north. In Tarot, the suit of coins or pentacles represents Earth (following Rider Waite).

Earth is commonly regarded as being a feminine element and linked to nurturing and strength. It represents adulthood in a human’s life as well as the season of autumn/fall.

Best Different Earth Sounds

Earth can be looked at in different aspects. On one hand, it’s the soil that nourishes plants, and the “dirt” we walk on. On the other hand, this very planet we live on is called earth.

Naturally, earth can represent different moods and states. In general, earth is a homely, comforting, and grounding element, but it also has the potential to shake you up – literally.

Only some of the commonly used sounds can include:

  • Planet Earth
  • Forests
  • Underground & Caves
  • Earthquakes
  • Gardening

Find exactly what you need for any specific moment.

Top 10 Earth Element Ambient Noise Mixes

The following atmospheres from give you a tiny overview of what is possible when trying to express the element of earth in an audible way. Of course, you can visit the site and look for more or even create your very own!

  • Gardening near the Pond
    • This is a very relaxing atmosphere featuring someone gardening near a garden pond. Dig up the soil, plant and tend to the flowers, and immerse yourself completely in this earthy work.
  • Earth Witch
    • She is at home in nature. No, she is one with nature. An inspiring atmosphere for any (aspiring?) earth witch out there.
  • Earth from Space
    • This blue planet, it’s our planet. And sometimes, we have to distance ourselves from something we love to appreciate it even more. Let’s look at our planet from the vastness of space.
  • Shifting Cave
    • Imagine being trapped underground – and then the ceiling gives in. This is a more claustrophobic and scary atmosphere of a collapsing cave system.
  • The High Gardens Of Asardia
    • A garden is a nourishing place. Not only for the plants that grow and the birds and animals living there but also for everyone who walks the tended garden paths.
  • Grounding
    • Grounding is a technique that deepens your connection to the earth. It grounds and centers you, decelerates your life, makes you remember what is really important.
  • Warm Summer Forest
    • In summer, the forests are bustling. They represent nature like almost nothing ever can. A natural, untreated forest reminds you of the beauty of our planet earth and the natural element in general.
  • Dark Cave Sounds
    • Is it creepy? Or just a simple, normal cave? Imagine being deep, deep within a mountain or the earth. It’s humbling but also connects you to the earth on a very deep level.
  • Gardening with Sam
    • Samwise the Brave is doing what he loves to do: gardening. Take a small trip to Middle-Earth and join this brave and loyal Hobbit in his peaceful garden.
  • Earth Element
    • This ambient noise mix is a great interpretation of the element earth from one of the Ambient-Mixer users.
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