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Has it ever occurred to you that you can make your own background music without any prior musical knowledge or technical background?

And the only thing you need to do to save your inspiration is to create an account and start making your own sound backgrounds or just changing at you will the ambiances created by others. And in this blog we will teach you how to do so.

Recent posts

  • Fascination 8-Bit Music8-BitRemember the good old video gaming experiences of the Commodore 64 or NES? Then you should definitely listen to some 8-bit music to bring back all the memories. Find out what this interesting genre of music is and listen to some examples to get you going.
  • The Perfect Atmosphere For Illustrations – feat. Rue InkIllustrations by Rue InkAmbient background sounds are great for illustrating, coloring or creating intricate map designs for DnD or other roleplaying. Rue Ink is a great example of this who uses Ambient Mixer in the background of her Twitch livestreams. Check out the artist in this little portrait.
  • This Was 20172017How was your 2017? We hope it was mainly good and filled with love, cheer, and joy! To honor the passing year and look forward to 2018 with a fresh mind and new ideas, here is a look back at 2017, what was new and what our users loved the most about Ambient-Mixer.com.
  • Christmas Lights From Around The WorldChristmas LightsChristmas lights - can you think of something more gorgeous to light up the cold and dark season around Christmas? We can't. And thus, we took a trip around the globe to have a look at Christmas decoration and lights from all over the world.
  • Make Your Living Room Winter ReadyWinter readyGet your living room area ready for winter. Invite the best parts of the cold season into your home while leaving the ghastly cold outside. Check out these suggestions on how to turn your living room into a dreamy and cozy winter wonderland.
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