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Has it ever occurred to you that you can make your own background music without any prior musical knowledge or technical background?

And the only thing you need to do to save your inspiration is to create an account and start making your own sound backgrounds or just changing at you will the ambiances created by others. And in this blog we will teach you how to do so.

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  • Beverages For Your Writing [NaNoWriMo]BeveragesCoffee and caffeine help you to get through the day. However, there are other, healthy alternatives that can help you to stay hydrated, focused, inspired and healthy. No matter if you are pulling an all-nighter or sit down for a lengthy writing session, these beverages make grand companions for you!
  • Writing In Hogwarts [NaNoWriMo]HogwartsWriting in your own bedroom or study at home is boring. Why not spice things up with a little magic! Choose from various Harry Potter themed ambient soundscapes that will transport you right to Hogwarts. Get your NaNoWriMo or school writing done in magical style!
  • Music's Affect On Writing [NaNoWriMo]Music's Effect on WritingIt is a fact that music affects our writing. But how? And how can you use this to your advantage? Check out this article on the effects of music – not only during NaNoWriMo!
  • Top 3 Spooky Netflix Tips For Halloween 2017NetflixAround Halloween, what you should watch is more on the spooky spectrum. Netflix has many creepy and classical horror movies and series for you to watch and in this article, we present to you three amazing Netflix originals you should watch this Halloween.
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