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Has it ever occurred to you that you can make your own background music without any prior musical knowledge or technical background?

And the only thing you need to do to save your inspiration is to create an account and start making your own sound backgrounds or just changing at you will the ambiances created by others. And in this blog we will teach you how to do so.

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  • Film Noir Ambient AtmospheresFilm NoirWe love film noir. The dark themes, the black and white style, the cynism and jazz music, the rainy evenings we can dream ourselves into... This article thus explains what film noir is, lists some popular examples and provides some great ambient background sound mixes for you to use while studying, reading, writing, and more.
  • 2018 – The Year Of The DogYear of the DogIn 2018, the Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog. More specifically, the year of the Brown Dog. We gathered some information about the Chinese calendar and about the zodiac sign of the dog for you. Are you a dog?
  • February Celebrations From Around The WorldFebruary FestivitiesFebruary is, maybe surprisingly, a month with many festivities and celebrations. Let's have a look at different observances, holidays, celebrations and festivals all throughout the month February from all around the globe!
  • Can Music Make More Sales?Music SalesMusic on a website is more than a gimmick. It’s a great tool to improve visitors’ experience and also your bottom line. Here are some tips on adding music to your website.
  • Ambient Background Noise For Twitch StreamingTwitch StreamingTwitch is a great alternative to YouTube or Facebook live videos when it comes to streaming. Illustration sessions, video games and more can be streamed with and to a broad audience. Find out what Twitch is and how you can make your own streams even better with ambient music and background sounds.
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