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Has it ever occurred to you that you can make your own background music without any prior musical knowledge or technical background?

And the only thing you need to do to save your inspiration is to create an account and start making your own sound backgrounds or just changing at you will the ambiances created by others. And in this blog we will teach you how to do so.

Recent posts

  • The Perfect Ambient Music For WritingOne can play with light, sound, and temperature to get into the writing zone. When it comes to sound, getting that perfect ambient music can help greatly to sink you into the zone.
  • Noise Generator For Hot Summer NightsNoise Generator for Summer NightsAmbient Mixr provides many ambient noise mixes and your own, personal noise generator to tackle the sleeplessness of these hot summer nights. Beach atmospheres, fan sounds, cricket-filled nights or maybe even the snowy calm of a winter's day – with this ambient noise generator you can create your perfect atmosphere to read, sleep, write or generally concentrate during the hot season.
  • Does All Modern Music Sound The Same?modern musicWhen Madonna, the Queen of Pop, says that all modern music sounds the same, maybe there is some truth in it. Or is it?
  • Free Forest Sounds For Summer RelaxationForest SoundsIn summer, forests are filled with gnats, so why not bring the sounds of the forest into your home? Summer forests, spooky forests or completely snowed-in winter forests - With Ambient Mixer you don't have to take a single step out of the door!
  • Is Music Necessary In Child Development?The role of music in child developmentEverybody knows that music can help immensely in child development whether it’s physical, emotional, or social. Is that the truth? Do children really benefit from exposure to music?
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