Sound Healing Therapy – Everything is Sound, Everything is Vibrating

The sound has always been and still is a source of endless fascination. If you are in any doubt, just consider the following: Information travels through the stream of sound. In other words, the energy travels. Sound is a vibration. It can penetrate the matter, move the molecules and modify frequency. It can also shift frequencies from low energy of guilt and fear to higher vibrations of love and joy. As such, it is the most powerful tool of transformation.

The use of sound healing therapy is not just a phenomenon of the new age, it stretches back thousands of years to ancient times when mystical instruments of all kinds were used to cure diseases and revive the spirit. What we call sound therapy today, also represents a form of energy healing medicine. Modern medicine can now measure and thus confirm the assumptions of sound therapy as a complementary method of promoting recovery and treatment.

Woman uses a singing bowl as an instrument in sound healing therapy.
A Tibetan Singing Bowl.

The Sound As a Therapeutic Tool

Sound therapy is defined as a sound-vibration treatment and recovery treatment that brings the body and our whole being back to balance at the cellular level. Due to such compelling effect on the whole body, it brings us into a state of deep relaxation in which we easily reach the untapped potentials – the process of self-healing and detoxification, awareness of the body as well as awareness of the programs that manage it while unconscious is initiated.

Everything around us, including ourselves, is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Our body, mind, and our emotions are an integral whole. Therefore, the overall focus of our life is written in the DNA cells of our body. Stress and trauma which we have not released, according to the phenomenological understanding, cause a delay in the flow of energy and losing the optimal frequency resonance. Simply put, this stagnation manifests itself through illness, tension, anger, fear. Sound therapy helps us to communicate with the cells through sound and brings us back to a balanced state.

Furthermore, in the waking state, the brain operates in the so-called Beta frequency range. With the help of sound therapy Alpha and partially Theta state of the brain is induced, whose frequency ranges correspond to deep meditation, calm mind, and clarity. In response to such a changed state of the brain – breathing slows down, muscles relax, the heart slows down and the mind calms down. Consequently, energy balance is brought about.

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound healing has been used to treat many conditions: depression, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and even dementia.

Well-known benefits of sound therapy include:

  • Improved concentration and memory
  • lower stress levels and reduced anxiety
  • fewer mood swings
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • mental, emotional, and physical balance
  • improved sleep
  • enhanced spirituality.

Instruments Used For Sound Healing

Many different instruments (and one’s own voice) can be used in sound healing therapy. By using specially harmonized and well-made instruments in conjunction with the intention and knowledge of the therapist, the desired effect is achieved. At the same time, this type of healing is one of the most easily accessible and inexpensive forms of therapy and treatment – it is something you can apply yourself and even learn how to use the necessary tools and techniques.

Let us focus on some of the most popular instruments used in sound healing practice from which you can benefit on your healing journey.

The Gong

Gong is an ocean of sounds.

Gong master, Don Conreaux
A set of gong instruments, ready to be used in the gong bath meditation.

The gong has the status of one of the oldest instruments. The ancient Sumerians and the valley of Mesopotamia used it and knew its advantages very well. The first gongs were made of bronze and metal obtained from meteorites. The gong can produce all the sounds inside the audible register. Today, due to its strength and ability to transform, it is highly valued in sound therapy.

This is a powerful, resonant instrument whose complex tones create a stream of sounds that help the listener enter a meditative state. Its relaxing tone leads to erasing the sense of space, time, and ego.

Practicing yoga or meditation with gong leads to – calming of the nervous system, deep relaxation of mind and body, emotions come into a state of harmony. The sound of gongs favorably affects many processes of our body, including the work of endocrine glands, menstrual cycle, circulation, blood pressure, connects the left and right sides of the brain, increases creativity, intuition, and joy of life. It stimulates the flow of life energy and thus removes energy blockages. It strengthens immunity and restores all cells in the body.

The adult body is 75% water, and water is a great conductor for sound vibration. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. The frequency of the sound synchronizes with the brainwaves and activates destress responses in the body.

Malbert Lee, a Hong Kong-based Crystal Bowl and Gong Master

Gong Bath

A gong sound bath is a form of meditation in the lying position. The optimal frequency ranges are released and they bring us to our heart center. At the beginning of the bath, the person has a clear intention. The power and might of intention are most effective in changing the state of consciousness – the transition from the alpha-theta state of brain waves that can be achieved with the sound and vibration of gongs. To completely relax, it is necessary to harmonize the internal frequencies with your heart rate.

Singing Bowls

Tibetan bowls (aka singing bowls) are most commonly used in sound therapy and massage. They were traditionally made in the countries of the Far East and were used over 5000 years ago. The technology of their production is special. The recipe was known to Tibetan priests who used special techniques of casting and adding metals in certain proportions, including their knowledge of energy, sound, and astronomy. The different sizes and depths of the bowl as well as the number of different metals inside the bowl determine its polyphonic tone. Well-tuned bowls simultaneously emit dozens of frequencies that have a beneficial effect on the client and listeners during therapy.

Set of singing bowls and the gong, used in sound healing therapy.

Each dish has its specific sound and it is best to listen and use the one that resonates most comfortably with you. Bowls that produce higher tones are usually associated with higher centers and are mostly full of energy, while lower tones grind, harmonize and soothe.

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks are typically used to tune other instruments. However, they also have healing powers of their own. This type of sound healing is used as an alternative to treating pain, stress, and balancing body health. Calibrated tuning forks can be held to specific parts of the body to send vibrations that release tension and open blocked energy channels. This form of sound healing is good for emotional balance and pain relief.

Other Types of Sound Healing Therapy

Solfeggio Frequencies

The nine-tone solfeggio frequencies made up the ancient tonal scale of songs and sacred music. These frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, claiming that they have the power to penetrate deep into the consciousness and subconscious and promote inner healing.

Each Solfeggio Frequency has a specific purpose. As an example, the 528 hertz (Hz) frequency is said to be able to repair DNA and is known as the frequency of Universal miracles. Each tone helps to remove the layer of negative energy and energy blockages and helps us to experience emotional and spiritual liberation. They also include a set of sacred numbers with a repeating sequence of 3, 6, and 9.

The famous innovator Nikola Tesla once said: “If you only knew all the power of numbers 3, 6, and 9, you would hold the key to the Universe!” It is interesting to note, that these three numbers are the root of the vibrations of six main solfeggio frequencies.

9 Solfeggio Frequencies and their characteristics are:

  • 174Hz – Relieving pain and tension
  • 285HZ – Safety, energy, and survival
  • 396Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
  • 417Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
  • 528Hz – Transformation and Miracles
  • 639Hz – Connecting Relationships
  • 741Hz – Awakening Intuition
  • 852Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order
  • 963Hz – Divine Consciousness or Enlightenment. Oneness/Unity.

The sound waves of the solfeggio frequency mimic the frequency of the rhythms that form the basis of the universe we are surrounded by. Listening to these frequencies helps us focus our attention on the body and the emotions that occur within us. True healing and transformation occur the moment we stop identifying with our thoughts and feelings. In this sense, solfeggio frequencies are excellent catalysts and support for open and awakened consciousness.

Vocal Toning

Vocal toning is a sound healing technique which is exploiting the vibration of the voice. It actually works similarly to the gong baths and treatments with Tibetan bowls. But, instead of gongs and bowls, you are using your voice as the main instrument. In many ways, the voice is the tool more powerful, even than the gong. After learning simple exercises of voice emission, you can self-generate healing vibrations and improve your well-being.

Have you ever wondered, why are the mantras so effective and so powerful? Those specific tones and words can harness energetic capacities. Vocal toning involves using one steady tone to balance your cells and open your energetic pathways. Using a specific tone allows you to access a particular point of the body (chakra) and begin to heal it.

Binaural Beats

The binaural beat was first detected in 1839 by the German scientist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He discovered that when two sounds of different frequencies are brought to each ear, the brain “hears” a third phantom sound. The brain then begins to emit this signal, which is equal to the difference between the two signals. This signal is called a binaural beat (aka binaural rhythm). It is an auditory tone perceived by the brain when the frequency difference is less than 40Hz and both tones are within the frequency of 1500 Hz.

Binaural beats can be used for many purposes such as improving sleep, meditation, lowering stress levels and anxiety, increasing your focus, relieving pain, overcoming depression. It is a simple and effective method – experienced via headphones and available to all of us.

Closing Words

Sound therapy treatments are probably one of the most pleasant forms of therapeutic intervention and can be an excellent complement to medical therapies. They are a quality incentive for a deeper and more conscious life. Sound strengthens the immune system, has been proven to reduce pain, increase creativity and intuition, reduce stress. Most importantly, it brings us to a state of peace and harmony – to our true nature. It contributes to our health in such a simple and natural way. Working with sound is working with subtle energies. The more we listen and pay attention, the more we can hear.

As we can see, there are many types of sound healing. Each one offers certain benefits that can improve our quality of life. Depending on what you want to get out of your sound healing experience, you can try and experiment with a few sound healing treatments and decide which form of sound therapy suits you best.

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