Elevate Your Spell Casting & Rituals With Ambient Noise

Spell Casting
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Rituals, readings, spell casting, meditations, and the like require you to be in the right mindset to truly work. What helps with this is the atmosphere you create for these spiritual and mythical activities.

There are many ways how you can improve your state and environment to positively affect your meditation, rituals, and more.

Improve Your Rituals & Readings

It’s best to not get disturbed when you are casting a spell or performing a ritual. Distractions should be prevented and eliminated as well.

Once you found a spot where all this is given, try to cater to all senses.

1. Smell

In many rituals and sessions, the burning of herbs or incense is already integrated. But even if you are not working with fire offerings at the time, you should cater to this sense.

Consider using incense sticks or a mixture of herbs you can burn in a bowl to create a smell that puts you in the right mood.

2. Sight

Sight is also a sense that’s often already taken care of by the very nature of what you are doing. Either you have your favorite tools and crystals or cards around you or you are not depending on sight anyway, for example during meditation.

Yet, choose a spot where your eye is not tempted to wander. A window to a busy street should be just as avoided as any kind of screen.

3. Touch

This is not so much about the ingredients or tools you use and thus touch, but about the clothes you wear. Don’t wear anything that constrains you or in which you feel uncomfortable. If your clothes are too tight or riding up and down, it might distract you from what you should be concentrating on.

Consider soft, flowing fabrics that give you and your skin enough room to breathe, yet do not get tangled or – even worse – accidentally come in contact with fire or anything that could fall over and spill.

4. Taste

During your spell casting, taste is something that can be rather neglected.

And yet, did a good cup of tea, refreshing water, or a healthy, fresh snack ever hurt?

5. Hearing

Sounds can be some of the most annoying intruders for our concentration. Thus, the sense of hearing is one of the most important to cater to.

  • Spiritual or mythical music can put you in the right mood.
  • White noise can drown out unwanted background sounds.
  • Sounds of nature can make you feel closer to the elements.

Ambient Sounds for Spell Casting

There are many different kinds of ambient noise you can choose from to achieve any of the points mentioned above and more.

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