Escape The Halloween Horrors With Ambient Noise Mixes

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You are not a fan of Halloween? All these purposely spooky and creepy things give you the real chills, not the fun kind at all?

Be brave, it is almost over. And for those last few days of ghosts and vampires, monsters and spooks, we have something for you. Flee from these horrors with the help of relaxing, distracting and calming ambient noise. Soothing rain, a sunny beach, a peaceful meadow – choose your favorite from our selection below, put on your headphones and close your eyes. Suddenly, all spooky and frightening things are far, far away.


Ambient Noise Mixes To Escape Halloween

Before you sit back and try to relax and ignore all the fuzz outside, lets have a look at all the different ambiences you can choose from. We have, purposely, chosen calm and relaxing atmospheres that will soothe your Halloween-stricken mind and nerves.

Of course the following soundscapes are just a selection of ambient noise mixes available. If the one for you is not listed, get inspired and roam for the one that suits you best – or create your very own one.


Beach Sounds

What could be further away from Halloween than a sun-drenched beach? Close your eyes and pretend that you are lying on a tropical beach with the waves splashing against the shore and seagulls flying overhead.

Soothing Beach Sounds

  • Tropical Chill
    The songs or birds blended with seagulls crying, ocean waves and a peaceful violin phrase.
  • Oregon Beach
    You don’t have to go far: soft waves and wind in the trees with a footsteps and the barking of a dog giving the impression of a park nearby.
  • The Old Port
    A port at the seashore with seagulls, boats in the distance and an approaching storm.
  • Dog At The Beach
    Spending a day at the beach with your four-legged best friend. What could be more relaxing.


Sounds of the Forest

Forests don’t have to be scary and spooky. Quite the contrary, on a golden autumn afternoon, a walk in a forest can be calming and relaxing. And when it rains, just open your browser and listen to some of these:

Soothing Beach Sounds

  • Midnight Camping By A Stream
    A nightly forest with a stream nearby, calm and peaceful with owls hooting and wolves crying in the distance while a warm campfire is crackling in the night.
  • Edge Of A Forest
    While the wind blows and a soft rain falls, thunder rolls in the distance, but the birds are still singing.
  • A Walk Through The Woods
    Birds and footsteps, a gurgling stream and grasshoppers, all combined with some bamboo wind chimes.
  • Autumn Stroll
    The wind is rustling all the fallen leaves and crows croak overhead in this normal autum day at the forest.


Fireplaces & Campfires

During summer, campfires invite you to gather and tell stories or sing songs while roasting marshmallows on a stick. In winter, nothing is cozier than firing up the indoor fireplace. No matter what you prefer, we have an ambience for it!

Soothing Beach Sounds

  • Campfire Night With Friends
    A crackling fire with modest party chattering and a lonely acoustic guitar playing.
  • Campfire On A Windy Night
    Crickets and the lonesome howl of a wolf are the only living beings out there where the wind howls, a creek gurgles and a campfire keeps you warm.
  • Fireplace Reading With A Cuppa
    A cup of hot tea and a book by the fireplace makes up for the howling wind outside.
  • Afternoon Tea By The Fire
    When even the afternoons get cold, make a nice fire and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a book while your purring cat crawls into your lap.


Meditative Music

Meditation is a great way to stay calm and focused. But even if you don’t meditate, relaxing music and other typical elements of meditation music can help you leave the stress and annoyance of Halloween behind.

Relaxing Meditation Soundscapes

  • Way to Tao
    Relaxing jungle atmosphere with birds singing, a gurgling creek and randomized pings, gong sounds and wind chimes.
  • Morning Meditation
    Bird songs, relaxed breathing, wind chimes and from time to time a rhythmic conga phrase.
  • Singing Bowls
    The soothing sounds of water and a personalized composition of singing bowls, mixed with distant rolling thunder, frog croaks and an hourly church bell.
  • Crystal Cave
    Wind chimes and water, mixed with sweet chimes, bells and clattering pebbles.


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