Music for Tarot Reading

image by Dana Beveridge
image by Dana Beveridge

Wouldn’t it be great to know what the future holds for us? Will our lives be peaceful, prosper, filled with love or disaster? Such questions are very common for a human being, curiosity and the hope for the future to be bright has inspired many people all throughout the history. From fictional work that speaks of time travelling to actual and still increasing research in this field, from ancient Greek oracles to horoscopes and divination – the future has always and will always be fascinating!

Time travelling is still far away from becoming reality, and the validity of future-telling dreams and divination is questionable, yet what harm does it do to satisfy your curiosity a bit? For example by a Tarot reading with, for, or by your closest friends – or even with the help of a professional tarot reader.

What’s Tarot?

Simply put, Tarot is the belief in the use of cards to be able to gain insight into past and future events. By asking the cards a question, and reading the symbols presented in different ways depending on the reading style, answers about different life situations and possible happenings are given by the reader.

Common Tarot decks consist of 22 cards (numbered from 1 to 21 with the additional 0). Nowadays, the symbols and motifs of the cards are roughly the same in all decks, independent of drawing style or artistic interpretation. Each card holds a meaning as well as a reversed meaning, forming patterns and complete answers in combination with each other.

Whether you want to believe that Tarot actually tells you about the future by calling to divine spirits or by taking a journey into your very own consciousness, or whether you see it with a less serious twist and regard it as good fun and advice for guidance, is your decision. Yet, every Tarot session gains from the fitting and mood-setting atmosphere.

Music for Tarot Reading

Depending on the mood your are trying to create with your reading, props are highly important. This ranges from the right kind of clothing and accessory (long robes and heavy gold chains, or soft scarfs and beads) to the scenery, decorated with tapestry and other wall hangings or a plain and simple interior. It ranges from the kind of incenses you want to use – oriental and mythic with the scent of patchouli and frankincense, or natural and comfortable with the smell of flowers and freshly brewed coffee – to the lightening of the room.

The perfect background sounds are just as important though – and they can be just as individual as the reader’s appearance and taste.

Nature sounds

Many Tarot readings focus on natural spirits or the overall fey, guiding, and healing forces of nature. The sound of a small and gurgling creak or the rustling of leaves in the wind set the scene for a more nature-bound reading. Singing birds and soft rain form a relaxing background that does not take any focus away from the cards, while thunderstorms can create a desired tension and excitement.

Relaxing music

In general, relaxing and meditative music is the best choice to not get unnecessarily distracted from the reading itself. Soft tones and drones, occasional chimes and bells ringing, mixed up with soft singing or mild sounds of water and wind increase the relaxing and intent atmosphere.

Ambient sounds inspired by Religion

Another equally relaxing and funneling musical background can be created by using tracks that are inspired by chants and music from different religions. Praying monks, singing bowls from Buddhist temples, or remixes that create an atmosphere of heaven can add to the atmosphere of a Tarot reading greatly.

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