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Magic & wonders are all around us every day. They are deeply woven into our perception – may it be in a positive or a negative way.

Whether you believe in actual magic or just love the idea of it, it can serve you in many different ways to experience or emulate something magical! Feel inspired to write, set the mood for a book, relax or meditate, calm down after a stressful day, … And do it with magic!

This article will provide you with background noise that’s perfect for all the above and more. And: they are purely magical!


Ambient Background Sounds That Are Pure Magic

Previously, we have already talked about how music can enhance your tarot reading experience – no matter on which side of the table you are seated. Now, let us have a look at another spiritual aspect of ambient noise.

Following, we list some of the best ambient noise mixes that have to do with magical things like sacred rituals, practicing witchcraft and brewing potions.



Druids are members of an ancient Celtic group of scholars and religious leaders. Their duties ranged from preserving the history of their tribes and cultures to tending to wounds and illnesses. There is a lot of mystic and secrecy around druids and their profession that is still mystifying and alluring today.

Druid Village

Sacred Place Of Druids

A Druid’s Home



Many think of witchcraft as one of two things. It is either associated with dark and harmful spells or with the more modern Wiccan culture that focusses on healing and altruism. Which one you feel more drawn to is your decision, maybe even both sides have their allure for you. Pick the atmosphere that best fits your mood or (writing) purpose.

Dark Forest Witchcraft

Drum Circle At Night




The same that was said about witchcraft could be said about witches themselves – or people that call themselves witches. Are you thinking of the old, mean hags from fairy tales? Or are you thinking of the healing wise women? Choose your witchy inspiration and pic the right ambient for it.

Earth Witch

Witch’s Home

Witchy Vibes



Before there was the somewhat modern medicine, there were druids and witches and healers. They used biology, herbology and their botany skills to heal wounds, cure illnesses and ease pain. In a more romantic point of view, instead of medicine, you think of potions, brewed in huge cauldrons over a fire. The bubbling of poison or medicine, the crackling of fire, … No matter if you prefer a witch’s cottage or the potions classroom from Hogwarts, you can find the right background sounds for sure.

Hogwarts Potions Class

The Alchimist’s Workshop

Skyrim Alchemy

The terms and things above are just a fraction of mythical and magical things we can think of when thinking about magic. So, feel free to use your own, fantastical imagination to find the most magical ambient mix for your usage!

Magical Forest

Magical Mermaid Lagoon

Magical Elven Spring



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