Studying With Ambient Background Noise

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Studying for a test, assignment or exam at school, college, or university is a task that needs high concentration. Some prefer absolute silence when studying since the smallest of sounds or noises could disturb them in their concentration. Unfortunately, it is hard to find such places, especially when you do not live alone but with room mates and siblings, or when you study in a busy library.

Others, however, are unnerved by the silence around them, feeling alone and somewhat crept out when there are absolutely no background noises.

Luckily, can help you study!


Noise Masking With Ambient Noise

Did you find the perfectly silent spot to study? No? That’s not surprising. Our environment is filled with ambient noise and the sounds of traffic, machines or other people around. Depending on the noise, this can be rather unnerving—especially if you are studying for an important test.

Luckily, you can choose your own background sounds! All you need is a pair of headphones and a soundtrack or tune that helps you to concentrate. Noise masking is a common tool for people that have difficulties to fall asleep with all the ambient noise around. So why not use this for your studying as well!


Ambient noise tracks can create a great and inspiring overlay for the daily and annoying noises around you. Just give it a try!


Studying With Ambient Background Noise

Most people, however, do not need an all silent room to concentrate and prefer some audible company. Your favorite music is a great choice, however how many times will you find yourself tapping your foot or bobbing your head to the familiar and beloved beat instead of concentrating on your studies? While your favorite music is great to keep your spirits and motivation high, it can also cause you to get distracted from your studying—and this is what you should and want to avoid, right?


Have you tried Ambient Background Noise?

Depending on the track you choose, ambient music and background sounds do not contain lyrics or changing rhythms and melodies, but repetitive loops and sound effects that boost your creativity as well as your concentration.

We have some great examples for ambient tracks that help you to study. Some may just make you feel homely and relaxed, others may teleport you to a whole different place to study at. Check them out:


Study at…

Home A Library Hogwarts other


Of course you are not limited to those. There are many other relaxing atmospheres or sound mixes of nature, for example, you can play while studying. Everything that relaxes you and helps you concentrate is allowed!

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