Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side

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Religion and spirituality is a big and important part of many people’s lives.

Without wanting to start any discussion about religion (it is not our intend nor our wish to make any assumptions about different religions and beliefs, as well as the people practicing it), we want to have a look at how ambient music – or more precisely: ambient soundscapes – can help you get in touch with your spiritual side. For us and this purpose, it doesn’t matter what you believe in. Ambient music and atmospheres are supposed to foster the positivity and peace of mind you aim to achieve when getting in touch with your spiritual side.

This article will present you with some of the spirituality and religious themed ambient soundscapes our users have created. Maybe you will find one that perfectly suits your taste and need for calm and peace.


Ambient Atmospheres For Spiritual Meditation

From soundscapes inspired by Pagan rituals, over the peaceful sounds of Christian monasteries, to the zen of a Buddhist temple. If you are looking for background sounds and ambient noise that will help you feel more spiritual and at ease, one or some of the following may be just after your taste.


A soft and calm ambience for meditation, praying or simple daydreaming; representing the gardens of heaven where the angels reside.

This ambient soundscape features soft choirs and natural sounds like birds singing, crickets, the sounds of a small stream and wind. This is mixed up with soft wind chimes.

A more religious atmosphere that will make you feel like studying at a Monastery.

Gregorian chants are the main focus of this ambience, however a crackling fire, the occasional sounds of a church bell ringing and a book’s page being turned add a livelier touch to it. A perfect mix for studying or some reading.

This is how one of our users imagined the retreat of an ancient sage might have sounded like.

A dark, cello drone is paired up with bamboo and metal wind chimes, the sounds of a stream and occasional phrases of music, gongs and chimes.

This atmosphere, dedicated to a priestess of an ancient eastern temple, is great for a more exotic feeling.

Desert wind and a tumbling creek build the base of this ambient atmosphere. Occasionally, a gong, singing bowls and an Arabian phrase of a flute can be heard.

More on the Pagan and Wicca spectrum of beliefs, this ambient track is a great companion for a cleaning or cleansing ritual.

The overall setting of this atmosphere is an open and friendly forest during day time. A river gurgles nearby while different birds (owls, singing birds, crows and woodpeckers) set the scene almost perfectly. A randomly played, harmonic rumble, rounds up this spiritual ambient noise mix.

An ambience dedicated to shamanism and ancient beliefs with a slightly darker tone.

Rain and deep throat chanting dominate this ambient atmosphere. In the distance you can hear wolves howling in the night while an eagle screeches overhead. Occasionally, the cracking of thunder is announcing a dawning storm.

A magical ambience of a temple located by the sea. Another great pick for meditation and unwinding.

If you close your eyes, you can feel like you are at a beach. Seagulls cry overhead and the waves crash ashore. Over all of this lies a heavenly and peaceful singing choir.

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