Music From Singing Bowls for Meditation and Relaxation

There is no doubt about it, our lives are busier than ever.  It seems as though your daily to-do list is never done, and in fact, it seems to continue to grow larger each day.  There is stress at work, stress at home, stress during your commute, and stress everywhere in between.

That is what makes ambient music so appealing to so many people.  More people than ever are turning to the magic provided by ambient music to help themselves calm down, relax and meditate.

If you are looking for some ambient music to help you relax, focusing on the comforting sounds provided by singing bowls might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Singing Bowls for Meditation

singing bowls for meditation
image by Anupam_ts.

Depending upon where you are coming from, Singing Bowls may be called Himalayan bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rin Gongs or Suzu Gongs.

Regardless of the name used to refer to these, they are all the same type of bell.  More specifically, it is a standing bell.  The bells you are probably used to are either attached to a handle, or they hang down (with the open end toward the floor).  Instead of hanging down, singing bowls are inverted so the open end faces up.  It is the vibration that makes using singing bowls for meditation such a perfect choice when you need to relax and recharge.

The fundamental element of the singing bowls are the vibration.  Consider for a moment the fact that the earth itself vibrates. This means that nothing is truly at rest, it is always moving and vibrating.  This movement generates frequencies and this frequency then results in a sound, although you aren’t always aware of this sound.

Any sound is basically a vibration, and the vibration has a dramatic impact on your emotions because of the resonance and rhythm it provides.  The rhythmic of singing bowls provide you with a perfect backdrop for meditation and relaxation.

Your daily lives are becoming more and more stressful because of the demands of modern society.  One definition of stress is the “over-amping” of the nervous system.  Music and sound work like a type of nutrient for your nervous system.

A good representation of the relaxation impacts of singing bowls is to think about tossing a pebble out into the middle of a calm lake.  The ripple effect, even when it is a small pebble, repeats and extends to the shore. The relaxation effect it has is mesmerizing, and undeniable.  The light sound waves make their way through your entire body and have a profound impact on your nervous system.

The next time are you looking for a powerful and effective stress reliever, consider the relaxing sounds of singing bells, gongs and other Tibetian instruments.

Here are a few of our favorites!

We hope you will find these ambient tracks helpful.  Try them out and let us know if they helped!


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