7 Tips For Improving Your Home Sound System

7 Tips For Improving Your Home Sound System
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Music lovers enjoy being able to listen to their favorite songs every chance they get. It is one of the great things about being able to crank up whatever tune we like. With technology constantly improving, the many different types of sound systems available make it even better. These days, there are all types of sound devices which allow music lovers to pump up jam even louder than ever before. Still, there are a few tips you can follow to improve your home sound system.  For those that have sound systems at home, these 7 tips can let you get the best out of yours.


Check Your Current System –


The first thing to do before anything else, is checking the status of your current sound system. If you find that your system is not sounding as it should, or that it sounds bad, it’s time to check it. That means inspecting your cables and wires to make sure they are properly connected. Also, make sure that there are not broken or damaged wires either. Your next step is making sure that all of your speakers are working as they should. You can remove the grilles on the speakers to see if there are problems with them. Check to see that the foam around them are not worn out or damaged. Lastly, check that the speakers have not burned out.


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Avoid The Soundbars –


Soundbars are everywhere and in many homes these days. That’s because they offer several benefits to users. For one, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and very compact. Also, soundbars combine the sounds of multiple speakers in a compact cabinet. However, most of these soundbars are not really designed for music. They are optimized for home theater and film-based audio enjoyment. That means that they are not dedicated to vocals. Instead, they are focused on speech. Soundbars are great and cool. But they do not allow you to separate the left or right audio channels. For those that want the most out of their music, soundbars don’t deliver the best results.


Stay Away From Surround Sound –


There are many audio systems which come with at least 7 speakers. That’s what we call surround sound set-ups. However, for true music enthusiast, that doesn’t really work. Too many speakers simply take away from true sound. In reality, all you really need is 2 to 3 speakers the most. That’s a right side, left side speaker and a subwoofer to let you crank up the bass. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy music from surround sound set-ups. But for people looking to just focus on music, then using the 2.1 channel or 2 set-up delivers the best results.


Get New Headphones –


If you have a decent or good sound system, but your headset is not that great, it can be a problem. Listening to music on a bad set of headphones can end up diminishing the quality of your system. You won’t really enjoy the true quality of the songs or music you like. It’s like having a new car with worn out tires. Make sure you invest in a good headset.  


Use A Good Digital-To-Analog Converter –


Since digital music is so popular now, most people use it more frequently. Still, keep in mind that before you hear it through speakers or headphones, digital music needs to be converted to analog signals. If casual listening is your thing, then the DAC on your device is sufficient. However, for better sound quality, you should connect it to a receiver, amplifier or an outboard DAC. Especially an amp that has DAC built in.


Rearrange Your Seating Or Speakers-


No matter where you listen to music, finding the right spot is important. Whether you are in a club, concert hall, or your living room, there is always an acoustic sweet spot. This spot is the place where the listener can truly enjoy the full benefit of the sound system. When setup correctly, arranging the seating and speakers just right, can make a huge difference. Having an equilateral triangle setup for home stereo systems delivers best results. In simple terms, just make sure your left and right speakers are both at an equal distance from one another. And from where you will be seating. Doing this will let you maximize the sound quality and stereo effect. It will also help to avoid overlap in coming soundwaves or delay.  


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Tweak Your Computer Or Other Settings –

If you are using Spotify, iTunes or any similar streaming service, make sure you tweak it just right. Spotify has up to 320 kilobits-per-second (kbps) settings. That is what they call “Extreme Quality” settings. Using that setup will allow you to get the most out of that service. The same for iTunes. If you bump up the bit rate, the sound quality will improve significantly. The same goes for your receiver settings. Make sure you have the correct modes or switches on or off when applicable. Having just one of these options used incorrectly can impact the sound of your system significantly.

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