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Studying Atmosphere
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Unfortunately, with the end of summer also comes the end of summer break. Back to school is the motto now. You start gathering supplies, make plans with friends, checking out on some extracurricular activities. Maybe you even started to adjust your sleeping schedule already.

What also returns with the new year of school starting, however, are tests and exams. While we have almost a whole year (or at least half a year) before we have to wreck our head over examinations, tests are frequently passed out by teachers throughout the school year. This means, you have to face the bitter truth: you have to study again!

To help you a bit and make it easier, we at gathered some ideas for you to create the perfect studying atmosphere.


Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For Studying

All generally speaking, you have two main options to choose your studying space: at home or at your school’s, university’s , college’s or public library.

Both locations have their advantages and disadvantages, but with a few things, you can easily create a for you perfect learning and studying atmosphere out of any space that gives you at least some privacy to concentrate.


The Right Space For Studying

No matter if you occupy your own desk at home, the dinner table or a desk at the library, there are a few things that can positively influence your studying efforts. One is surely to limit distractions from outside. Libraries are naturally calm and rather silent places, luckily, but when you are studying at home, make sure that you can create this calm as well. To do so, you can:

  • Use a spare or your own room to study where no one else has any business being in
  • Communicate with parents, siblings, room mates, partners that you need your peace when you are busy studying
  • Close the window when traffic outside is ticking you off
  • Try more unusual places:
    • tape your notes to the bathroom mirror or the outside of your shower stall to rehearse
    • find a peaceful spot in your garden, a park or somewhere else in nature
    • do not study in bed, however, since this can have a drastic impact on your sleep

Check out more environments that can help you concentrate.


Make Sure You Have Everything At Hand

Healthy Snack
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Of course taking breaks during studying is important. However, you do not want to get torn out of your concentration just to get a drink or a marker you need. Make sure that you have everything with you and at hand when you sit down to study.

A plate or container with healthy snacks, a full bottle of water, and all books ans supplies you need to mark, take notes and study should be your constant companions.

Of course, ways are shorter when you are at home as compared when you go to the library and first have to look for a vending machine to quench your thirst, but your home also provides a lot more distraction and temptations on your way to the fridge and back.


Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Get comfortable, but not too comfortable. A hard chair that makes your back hurt after only a few minutes of studying is very counterproductive, but lounging on the floor or sofa is as well. Try to find a comfortable, but upright posture in which you can take notes and read.

A chair cushion oftentimes already does the trick.


Reduction Of Background Noise

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Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to find a perfectly silent spot for studying. Traffic and other noise from the outside, other people in your house or building, or even the other people shuffling through the library can become unnerving when you try to hammer an especially difficult topic into your head.

Luckily, with a pair of headphones and your phone, you can drown out most ambient noise from outside. Since music often allows outside sounds to come through or even worse, distracts you even more, noise masking is an appropriate alternative. White and brown noise, drones and other steady sounds can effectively drown out or mask noises that keep you from studying.


Cater To All Five Senses

The senses of touch and sight are already taken care of by the act of studying, reading, taking notes and preparing flashcards. Yet, to feel well-rounded and be able to focus on the task at hand, you should cater to the remaining senses as well:

  • Taste: Healthy snacks, tea, little sweet rewards, flavored water, …
  • Smell: Incense, scented candles, oils, your favorite perfume, freshly cut grass from outside, …
  • Hearing: Music you like, white noise, relaxing music, background drones, …


Other Valuable Tips

  • Make sure you have enough light. Don’t strain your eyes because it can make you feel sleepy, cause headaches and severely impact your concentration.
  • Keep your environment clean and tidy.


Non-Distracting Musical Background

Of course our specialty at are musical background sounds that do not distract you from your studying like, for example, the radio would. While your favorite songs are great to make you feel comfortable while studying, being tempted to sing along or close your eyes and dream is not really what you want while studying for an important test, is it? You should give some of the following ambient noise tracks a go in your next study session:

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