The Dangers of Listening to Loud Music

Loud Music
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We all love music since it soothes the soul and relaxes the heart and mind. Music can also instantly change your attitude and feelings with just one tune or song. However, there are also many dangers to listening to loud music as well. has found some really alarming statistics and trends which can end up hurting many music listeners and their hearing in the long run.

The explosion of cellular phones, iPods and electronic gadgets all over the world has made this past decade one of the greatest for music listeners. Along with these devices and sites like YouTube, iTunes and so many others, they have made it easier to being able to listen to music from just about anywhere you are.

Loud Music Can Damage Your Hearing

Still, if you are listening to music with earbuds on and someone tells you to lower it down, then chances are you are likely in danger of damaging your hearing. According to WHO (World Health Organization) there are presently more than a billion teens and young adults who are at risk of damaging and or losing their hearing. The same negative impacts on your hearing can also come from loud music and some sort of loud sound levels in bars, nightclubs, concerts and sporting events. The end results to constant loud music can be Tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears that those who suffer hearing loss experience)

Back in the days, it used to be that mostly old folks were the ones in dangers of losing their hearing. That is no longer the case now. WHO found that almost half (50%) of people in their study listened to unsafe or damaging levels of sounds. Most of these being affected by the hearing losses are young teens and young adults. The majority of the users used personal audio devices while the other 40% were exposed due to loud noises or music from entertainment events.

Damages From Loud Music Are Irreversible

The really bad news about these findings is the fact that you cannot ever get that hearing loss back once you lose it. One of the best ways to ensure that you do not damage your hearing or get tinnitus is by turning down your earbuds or headphones when listening to music. Most people are surprised to find just how much damage can be caused by having the headphones set at just half the volume level.
Also, make sure to never sit or stand too close to big loudspeakers when attending concerts, sporting events or clubs. The noise levels from these events can reach up to 110 decibel levels which are dangerous. Lastly, give your ears a rest from time to time. Avoid listening to music for long periods of time without stopping. Just like your eyes need a rest from constant reading or other activities, so do your ears.

Be sure to check out the Make Listening Safe campaign from the WHO for many tips on protecting and preserving your hearing. After all, it would be ironic and tragic if we lose our hearing because of listening to music too loudly.

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