10 Tips For Staying Safe At Live Concerts

10 Tips For Staying Safe At Live Concerts
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Summertime is here and this is the season when live concerts are enjoyed the most. Watching a live band or artist perform is one of the best experience music lovers can go through. Being together with others who love music – and the band – as much as you do, makes it even better. But there are many things that can go wrong during these live events. Lately, concerts are at all time high in attendance. With such large crowds gathered together in one place, it is important to know these 10 tips for staying safe at live concerts.



Bring a Carry-on Bag

Chances are when you are at a concert, that you will need something to put items away. It could be a t-shirt or a piece of concert memorabilia. Whatever it may be, a carry-on bag will come in handy. It is best to use one that you can place across your body or strap on. Be sure that the bag is not too big or weighs too much though. Bringing a bag will allow you to have your hands free to clap, wave and do anything else you want.


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Stay Hydrated

Concert goers fainting are a common thing. But, it is not just because they faint at the site of their favorite artist or band. Many people faint at concert events due to being dehydrated. Not drinking enough fluids can end in you becoming dizzy or even ill. Imagine paying a high price for a ticket and then miss it due to fainting or falling ill? Drink plenty of water and have fun.


Dress Comfortably

Dressing trendy is very nice and can make you look glamorous. But, when you are going to a concert, it is more important to be comfortable. You will be standing for long periods of time. Wearing high heels, uncomfortable shoes or clothing, can dampen your experience. Check the weather conditions to dress appropriately. Prepare for weather changes just in case it may get too cold or hotter.


Be Aware of The Venue

The most important part of going to a concert event is knowing all you can about the venue before you get there. Issues such as where the bathrooms are located are very important. So is knowing if you will need bug spray to keep insects away. Many people miss important parts of the concerts for not being aware of where things are.


Protect Your Hearing

Sure, being in the first row of the audience can be great. It is very tempting to want to be real close to your favorite band or artists. However, it can also end up causing you hearing damage down the road. Too often, people stand too close to the huge speakers. That can result in hearing impairment or loss you may never recover from. If you must stand close to the stage or main speakers, invest in some good earplugs.


Tend To Your Hair

People with long hair should always remember others around them. Those behind you or near you will appreciate if you tie your hair up. No one wants someone else’s hair flying in their faces. Hitting someone with your hair that can land in their face or mouth is kind of gross. Keep your mane tamed!


Drink Alcohol In Moderation

Drinking at a concert can be okay if is done in moderation. One or two beers can make you enjoy the music more. But, getting drunk or drinking too heavily can lead to problems. It may cause you to make bad decisions in an environment where you are surrounded by strangers. Plus, you may have to drive home drunk which is a major no-no. Getting busted for DWI after a concert of fun is no way to end the day or evening.


Arrive On Time

The worst thing you can do when going to a live concert is get there late. You will not only miss some of the show, you will also not obtain a good spot. Plus, if you get there early, you will have time to see the merchandise tables and get a great spot.


Be Ready To Wait

One of the negative sides to arriving too early is the waiting. Still, it is better to have be early than late. If you do arrive too early, just be ready to wait. Some bands or artists are famous for arriving late anyway. Just be ready to wait, if that happens.


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Stash Your Cash

Getting pickpocketed at concerts is a something that happens to people. While the majority of folks are there to enjoy themselves, others go to take advantage of the situation. Keep your cash and valuables hidden. This is a major problem for many concert goers who often get pickpocket or lose their money.

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