Improving Office Ambiance – The Key Elements

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Many people think that working a 9 to 5 job in an office is boring. And yet, they stick with it because it keeps food on the table. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if working at the office doesn’t make you feel like being enslaved?

The craving for a healthier work environment is real and companies around the globe understand that. Creating a great work environment leads to higher productivity. That’s why companies around the globe are racing to create a healthy office environment.

Improving Office Ambiance

The key ingredients in building a cozy and healthy workplace are lighting, noise, and temperature. However, knowing just the ingredients is barely enough. Combining and balancing the three is tough work. You can’t just copy what’s work in another office. You need to tailor the elements specific to your company and employees’ needs.


Have you ever been into an office and you can swear the company was trying to save money on their electricity bill? You could have sworn you accidentally went into a nightclub considering how dim the place was. And then there’s the polar opposite where the office looks like it’s located next to the sun. It’s just too bright.

You want to keep things simple? Change the light bulbs. Test which ones do best in relieving eyestrain, preventing migraine, making it easier for employees to focus on their work.


A noisy environment is bad for productivity as people keep being distracted from their work. Proper insulation is the best cure for it. Playing soothing ambient music during work hour can also calm the nerves and improve productivity.

“What about playing popular music and songs?”

People have different taste in music. In addition, music with lyrics is actually detrimental for productivity. Our brain automatically tries to comprehend the lyric even while we’re focusing on a task.


A healthy office environment is neither too cold nor too hot. The optimal temperature for office productivity is between 71 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 – 25 degrees Celsius. That’s not some arbitrary number but the fruit of a 2004 research conducted by Cornell University. That temperature range keeps employees comfortable and allows them to concentrate better on their work.

“Are those three elements really enough?”

Well, they’re the main elements. If you get them right, you’ll off to a good start. To tackle other elements, such as office layout and perks, the management and the employees need to sit down and talk about what goals they want to achieve.

When redesigning an office, everyone should understand that the purpose is to create a healthier workplace environment. Let everyone collaborate on the design. Incorporate ideas that fit the company’s culture even when it comes from employees of the lowest rank.

“How do you fish for ideas?”

In a large organization, having everyone to sit on the table is quite impossible. To gather ideas, corporate can email a survey to the employees and ask them about what do they look for in a work environment. Once the ideas pour in, the design theme can categorize them and find the common themes.


Creating an office with good ambiance and atmosphere is no easy feat, but that should not stop anyone. After all, the company’s success may well be dependent on it. If you think your workplace needs the improvement, speak up to the management and voice your ideas.


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