The Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Many people have the belief that music is good for you, but it that really true?  It seems like music can make you feel better and lift your spirits, but is that just because we enjoy the sounds or are there real health benefits of listening to music?

The good news is that there are many benefits of music that have actually been scientifically proven.  Here are a few.

Reduces Depression

We’ve known for a long time that music can make you feel better, but now there is proof. A study that was completed at the Stanford School of Medicine found that people who listen to classical music that is soothing have their depression symptoms reduced by nearly 25 percent.  That is a definite benefit of music.


Listening to Music Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Another of the big benefits of listening to music relates to your blood pressure.  This particular study was done by the Harvard Medical School.  They studied people who ran on a treadmill and measured how hard their hearts worked during this exercise.  The result of the study was that the hearts of runners who listened to music didn’t have to work as hard as those of the runners who did not listen to music.  The runners with music had a lower blood pressure.


Recovering From a Stroke

Another of the benefits of listening to music relates to people recovering from a stroke  Researchers at the Helsinki University studied stroke patients and found that those who listened to music during this critical time recovered much more quickly.


Reduce Epileptic Attacks

A study done in the UK looked at people who suffered from epilepsy and found another of the benefits of listening to music. They found that people who listened to classical music, specifically Mozart, had fewer epileptic attacks than those who didn’t listen to music.


Reduces Pain

benefits of listening to music
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Help with pain relief has been thought of as one of the benefits to listening to music for a while.  A doctor in Germany completed a study that concluded that tailor-made music can

Image by JrGMontero

have a substantial impact on the types and doses of pain medicine required.  People who listen to music can reduce their painkiller needs by as much as 50%.  With the many dangers of potential addiction and overdose associated with high-level pain killers, knowing that their usage can be reduced by 50% is powerful knowledge.


Help With Alzheimers

A recent study by the Miami University School of Medicine showed that Alzheimer’s patients can reap some of the benefits of listening to music too. Patients who listened to music showed an increase in the blood levels of mood-enhancing chemicals.  These patients who listened to music also reported better quality of sleep and were found to be more cooperative with others.


Help With Parkinson’s Symptoms

There have been a few studies that looked specifically at the influence of music on people with Parkinson’s disease. Patients with Parkinson’s who listened to music were shown to suffer less from social isolation and anxiety and showed lower levels of depression.

It seems pretty clear that there are many benefits of listening to music.  We’ve always enjoyed it, but now we know it’s actually good for our health. If you suffer from any kind of a medical condition or are having issues with pain, it may be time to try some music therapy!

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