Tips For Learning How To Play The Drums

Tips For Learning How To Play The Drums
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Music has many different instruments people can learn to play. One of the most popular instruments are the drums. If you are looking for tips on learning how to play the drums, we have included some of the best. In the music industry, drummers are in high demand right now. Learning how to play them can mean that you may end up getting hired to play in a band or record session. Or maybe you just like to play the drums for fun and as a hobby.

Whatever the reason may be, there are some basic techniques and skills you will need to learn. But, they are not that difficult for anyone who wants to learn. And if you really enjoy playing them or want to learn how to be a great drummer, then your training will be faster and more enjoyable.

In order to become a great drummer, there are several good habits you need to adapt to from the start. This applies to people who are just beginning, have intermediate experience or are advanced.


Learn To Hold The Sticks Properly

Although some may think that holding the drumsticks properly is not a big deal, it is. Learning to hold them correctly from the beginning will help you move along faster down the line. Holding them correctly will will allow you to play faster and easier. Using them the wrong way can end up damaging your fingers and wrists later on.

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Learn The Rhythm

Every drummer has to have rhythm. Simply banging away at the drums will only do if you just want to make noise. However, if you actually want to learn to play well, the basics of the learning the rhythm are important. One of the best ways to learn the rhythm is by listening to the music you hear. Do all you can to mimic and repeat the rhythms you hear with your hands.

Learn To Count The Quarter Notes

When you tap four equal beats with one hand, it is called a quarter note. Learning to count the quarter notes will help you gain more rhythm and keep track of what you are trying to play. Once you learn them, developing a greater awareness of the beat and rhythm, will become easier. The first step is learning to count four notes. Once you gain more experience, you move on to learn to count eight quarter notes.

Sit Properly At The Drumset

The drum throne is what the height of the drumset you have is called. Making sure your legs and body are lined up correctly is important. Since most drummers spend a long time sitting and playing them, sitting incorrectly can hurt your back. It can also lead to other problems down the line later. But, it can also affect how well you play later on.

Use Your Other Hand

Once you have learned to play the quarter notes with one hand, the next step is doing the same with your other one. The same applies to learning the rhythm. Keep in mind that whether you are leftie or rightie, drummers use both hands when playing. Count to four and then move on to eight notes as you get better.

Learn To Work on The Downbeat

Just like you need to learn to use your hands to play the drums, you will also need to use your feet. One of them will be used to work in the downbeat. This is what you will tap on when you hit the bass drum. At the beginning, it can be difficult to tell your mind to follow separate beats. One for each hand and the other one for your downbeat. But with some practice and work, you can get it done.

Get To Know Your Drums

The drumset is configured of several different kits. Not all of them are the same though. But, most of them have the basic drum kit which are the bass drum, snare drum and the cymbals. You should try to get familiar with your drumset and each part of it. As you learn each section of your kit, the entire set will become more easier for you.

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Use Videos To Learn

One of the best things about the internet is the large amount of information you can find. Some of the info on helping you learn to do things are available on video format. Being able to see someone in a video can go a long way in how you learn to play the drums. Visualization is much better than reading or hearing someone. There are countless of videos which go over the basics with you to help you get started on your path to becoming a great drummer. As you get better, you will also find some advanced videos to help you as well.

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