Great Tips For Being A Songwriter

Great Tips For Being A Songwriter
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There are many people in the world who love music and there are also those that love to write. Whenever a person who loves both comes along, chances are that they may want to be a songwriter. If you are one of those people, or simply want to know about writing songs, then these great tips for being a songwriter can help you.

One of the things most people always wonder about songs is which usually comes first; the words or the music? Secondly, how does a thought or idea end up becoming a song itself? But most importantly, how can you even begin to know if the song you have written or want to write is any good at all? These, and other questions involving songwriting are just some of the many that those thinking of writing songs think about.

While there are some basics to songwriting, there is something you should keep in mind. The truth is that there are no real blueprints to follow when it comes to writing a tune. Sometimes, people do get lucky and just write out a song which ends up becoming a hit. Others, simply follow the basic do’s and don’ts and end up doing so as well. Regardless of which way it happens, below are some great tips and answers to those questions.


Find A Hook

The first thing you want to do if you want to write a good song is to find a hook or a catchy title. It can be just an idea or a cool phrase that pops into your head. Once you have it though, then you can begin to work on it. After you have found your title or hook, the next thing to do is finding the lyrics to support it. Like all things in life, you need to work on the foundation first. Build your lyrics around that hook or phrase and the rest of the lyrics should fall in place. Remember to give your song emotional content support as well. Without emotions, a song means nothing.


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Find Your Inspiration

Some of the most beautiful works of arts have been created and written due to the artist being inspired. The same holds true to songs. Part of what makes a song great is having someone to inspire your words or lyrics. Find your source of inspiration and use that as the road to the highway which ultimately leads to your tune. Many of the beautiful love songs – and similar ones – usually come by a writer who was inspired by his or her love. Whether it was because of a broken heart, joy from love or just wanting to tell the world about their feelings, the inspiration is the key.


Work On The Structure

After you have the basic idea of your song and a source of inspiration, your next step is to work and follow a proper song structure. When it comes to songwriting, the general definitions are the following:

Verse – This is the part of the song which gives people information about emotions, the situation and or people in the song. The verses in a song usually have different lyrics but the same melody.

Chorus – The chorus is what you can call the heart and soul of your song. In most cases, a chorus is heard about 3 or 4 times during the song; sometimes even more. Most of the time, the title or hook of your song will also appear within the chorus as well. Just keep in mind that the melody and lyric stay the same each instance it recurs.

Bridge – The bridge provides a break from both chorus and verse repetition. It also has contrasting lyrics, chord progression and melody as well. It is within the bridge that a song contains a revealing moment or insight.


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Work On The Legal Matters

Once you have finished your song, your next step and most important one is to work on the legal matters to protect it. You will need to learn about copyright law, publishing and your rights as a songwriter as well. Too many writers make the mistake of sharing their work with others before they have protected it. This can end up leading to someone else re-branding, rewriting and selling your work. They will then turn around and take full credit for it. In addition to this, you also have to be aware of royalties you will be entitled to as the author of a song.

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