What Does The Music You Listen To Say About You?

Read about What Does The Music You Listen To Say About You?
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What’s your favorite song? What kind of music do you listen to? What does the music you listen to say about you? Believe it or not, the type of music you listen to can say a lot about who you are. It can also tell others many things about you as well. This is according to studies and researchers who have done several experiments and surveys. For years, many physiological studies have been done to help researchers discover what the music says about the listeners. The studies also helped reveal many things about the individual’s intellect and personality.


What Does Your Genre Say?


A few years ago, psychologists Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling performed a research on people’s musical preferences. The categories were energetic and rhythmic, intense and rebellious, reflective and complex and upbeat and conventional. In their research, they asked thousands of students several questions. The students were from the University of Texas. They were asked about what music they liked and other questions. Their findings determined that those who enjoyed listening to classical music and jazz, tend have high IQ’s. Also, they are usually more creative as well. Other studies by several different researchers found other interesting things. For one, those that listen to heavy metal were found to lack confidence. At the same time, they were also inclined to be antisocial and aggressive. The people who listen to indie music, were said to avoid hard work and be introverted. Those that listened to rap music, were found to have high self-esteem.


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More Interesting Findings


What about those people that listen to love songs or slow music? The studies found that these people are often inclined to be ’emphatisers.’ They have the ability to understand the feelings in others and themselves. That may explain why they prefer music that evokes feelings and deep emotions. Anyone who listens to mostly soft rock, adult contemporary, R&B, romantic, slow and sad songs, falls into this category. On the other hand, people who listen to country music and pop, tend to be politically conservative. They are also conscientious and see themselves as wealthy, attractive and athletic.


Why You Love What You Love?


What exactly helps to determine what kind of music you love in the first place though? In part, your musical taste, or what you may enjoy depends on a few things. For one, it is largely influenced by your parents, family and friends. For those that have a favorite song, there’s a reason for that too. In most cases, the song becomes part of a person due to an intense emotional experience which may have occurred in your life. Moreover, whatever music you loved when you were in your 18 to 20’s is important. That music is likely to be the one you will go on loving for the rest of your life.



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Of course no study or research can ever be 100% accurate. There will also be exceptions to each rule. In the end though, no matter what kind of music you listen to is not that important. What is really important is that you love the music you listen to.

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