Music in the Womb for a Baby – a Good Idea?

There has been a great deal of discussion over the last several years about the idea of playing music in the womb for a baby. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Does the baby find hearing music relaxing, or does it bother them?

music in the womb
Image by Daniel Lobo

Does listening to music in the womb help them recognize music once they are born? Does it help them once they are born? These are some of the common questions we’re discussing today.

The truth is that the jury is still out on whether playing music in the womb is helpful to the baby. While there is much antidotal evidence, there hasn’t been enough research done to prove without a doubt that playing music in the womb is helpful. The research that has been done seems to be very positive; however there hasn’t been enough to draw definitive conclusions yet.

One of the problems with trying to study the impact of playing music in the womb is that researchers are unable to actually observe the baby. This makes it the topic more difficult to research and draw conclusions. However, the antidotal evidence is still very strong. The early evidence suggests that there is definitely a benefit to playing music in the womb for babies.

One study found that playing classical music in the womb can actually help with brain development. When they are exposed to the same music in the womb over a period of time, it has been proven that the babies respond to that specific music after they have been born.

There have also been studies that show that listening to music in the womb can actually increase the intellect of the baby, but this area is still very much a work in progress. Another study indicates that when babies in the womb hear music, their heartbeat matches the rhythm.

It is clear however, that if you are going to have your child listen to music in the womb, you should pay close attention to the volume. Many people believe they need to use earphones against the belly of the mother, but this is not needed. The amniotic fluid conducts sound very well and using headphones might actually be too loud for the baby and cause over stimulation. If you’re going to play music in the womb for your baby, it is sufficient to play it at, or below, the level of background music in a store.

The research on the benefits of playing music in the womb for your baby is still being done, but the early information shows a benefit.  However, there is another benefit that can’t be overstated – the benefit to the parents.

Pregnancy and bringing a new person into the world can be a very stressful time and it’s important that this stress doesn’t have an impact on the child. One of the clear benefits to playing music in the womb for your child is that you get to hear it too.  If listening to music is good for the mother, and will help her stay positive, happy and relaxed, it will definitely have a positive impact on the baby.

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