Top 10 Sounds for the Elements – Air

There are four recurring elements in many traditions all over the world. Some traditions replace elements, ad a fifth or sixth one, but especially in western countries, there are four classical elements. These are:

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water

In esoteric and spiritual contexts, the elements can be used, either for meditation, rituals, ceremonies, or mindfulness techniques. However, they can be used as background sounds for all kinds of activities such as drawing, reading, sewing, cooking, writing, and more!

In this article, we shall have a look at the element AIR.

What Is The Air Element?

In some Chinese traditions, Air is not among the commonly used elements. In other Asian (Indian) and Western traditions, Air is regarded as one of the four common elements though. This is also true for practices of Wicca or (Neo-) Paganism.

The alchemical symbol for the element air is an upward-pointing triangle, cut in half by a horizontal line. Most traditions associate air with the cardinal direction east, as well as the tarot suit of swords or blades (following Rider Waite).

Usually, Air has both feminine and masculine attributes. It’s associated with knowledge and wisdom. In a human’s life, it represents infancy and the season of spring.

Best Different Air Sounds

Air is in everything we do. We breathe it in and out. It surrounds our planet for us and all creatures, animals, and plants, to live on it. It’s all around us, in the wind and the current of a fan. There aren’t many sources air can come from, but it can be very diverse qualitatively.

Consider these different air sounds:

  • Wind
  • Storms & Blizzards
  • Fans & Ventilators
  • Song
  • Wind Chimes

For almost any mood, there is an air-related soundscape. They range from soft wind to raging storms, from cooling fans in the summertime to curtains flapping in the wind. The spoken word, song, and speech are basically also made of air.

Top 5 Air Element Ambient Noise Mixes

Following are only a few ideas of what an airy atmosphere may sound like. In the end, the limits are only set by your imagination.

You can find many different soundscapes on You can browse the categories or search for something specific. And if it’s not there? Well, create your own atmosphere – it’s free!

  • Desert Wind
    • The wind is blowing up sand, rustling the sparse grass while worse weather approaches in the distance. A hot, desert wind atmosphere.
  • Fan Sounds To Sleep To
    • These fan sounds should ease your sleep especially in the hotter months of the year. You can activate or mute additional sounds such as a crackling fire or wind chimes.
  • Blizzard’s Wind
    • A cold storm brings snow and ice over the lands. This eerie winter atmosphere is not only perfect for RPG sessions.
  • Wind Chime Garden
    • In the middle of the forest lies the wind chime garden next to a stream. How many different wind chimes can you hear?
  • Mary Singing to her Boys
    • Originally created for fans of the tv series Supernatural, this atmosphere is a relaxing lullaby for everyone.
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