How Music Genres Can Impact Our Moods

Music can Impact Your Mood - Ambient Mixer
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We all love to listen to music as way to help us relax, have fun and party. However, different kind of music genres can have distinctive effects on our moods. Here we explore how music genres can alter our moods as we go over the way music can regulate our emotional state. Music can also have a huge effect on the way we feel from time to time and even impact our overall focus. For some people who suffered emotional trauma or those that are sick or ill, music has been used to help improve their mood and energy levels as well.




Music Can Break or Make Your Mood


There are some who may not think that listening a certain genre can really make or break their mood. However, a recent study from The Journal of Positive Psychology which was published recently proved otherwise. In a test, they determined that while listening to a specific type of mood-boosting music, some people improved their moods and overall happiness in two weeks. It is a fact that human beings (as well as many animals) obtain pleasure from listening to music. Music can arouse feelings of cravings and euphoria. This is because it affects a chemical in our brains called dopamine which is released as we listen to music. Dopamine pathways play a major role in reward-motivated behavior which may explain why we feel good when listening to music.


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Feel Like Listening to…..


The effects of how you may feel can very well change depending on the music genre you decide to listen to. For instance, after a break-up,  most people tend to listen to romantic songs. However, that is not recommended since doing so can end up making the person spiral deeper into a somber and sad mood and state of mind. Ironically enough though, if you’re feeling anxious or a bit nervous, you may want to listen to some blues. While the blues are generally perceived as a genre for those feeling blue, the rhythm can calm you down and slow your heart rate as well.

Those who want to boost their energy or adrenaline should listen to some Punk or Rock. Either one of these can boost your mood levels; especially if you really enjoy listening to it. Raggae is great for those that have anger management issues. This is because reggae music is based on the rhythm of peacefulness and healthy living , according to some.



Which Genre is Right for You?


For those that want to workout or want to stay at a stable rhythm, then listening to mainstream pop and rock is the key. The pop/rock genre causes a steady and predictable tempo thus keeping your heart rate normal and breathing consistent. Anyone looking to sleep better or who needs to be calmed down should listen to classical music. This genre can help uplift the listener and calm them down as well.

People who want to feel good fast should turn on some dance music and groove. The high energy levels, upbeat tempos and groovy rhythms can quickly add zest and vigor to your entire body and mind.

Lastly, some say that heavy metal and Rap & Hip Hop can alter a person’s mood in a negative or somber way. This of course depends on the song’s lyrics (for rap & hip hop) and how much the person actually enjoys listening to the genre. Some people say that rap music actually relaxes them in some instances. For heavy metal listeners who love the genre, they say it helps them with their self esteem and overall confidence.


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It is evident that music can have an impact on how we feel and that it affects and even determines our moods. However, we should also note that this all depends on the listener as well as to how much they enjoy the genre they listen to. So just pick your favorite genre and listen to some cool songs to get you in the right mood.


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