Music And Brands

The role of music in brands awareness and recognition is nothing to sneeze at
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Music has been an inseparable part of the human civilization and culture since time immemorial. It’s there everywhere we go, there’s always music accompanying us in one form or the other. Many businesses understand this and the companies that want their customers to be emotionally attached to their brands use music as a way to foster it.

Music In Brands

Brands using music in marketing campaigns is something you see every day. Many hotels, restaurants, and stores even go as far as hiring professional musicians to tailor-made music profiles for their business. Keeping in tune with customers through music has somewhat become the norm for business nowadays.

Music Defines Brands

The type of music you choose defines your brands. Subconscious association is a powerful thing. If customers can’t get that jingle out of their heads, you’re winning. If people talk about it on social media, you’re golden.

The right kind of music also makes your product or service seem more meaningful. The emotion it triggers and the memories it evokes will connect customers to your brand with immense power.

A Good Example

So many brands are trying to make their way to their customers’ head and heart with music. You certainly have heard about Taco Bell’s Live Más campaign, right? Their ad campaign for the Doritos Locos Tacos uses Lionel Richie’s “Hello” to show just how much people have been craving for the new menu.

For their other ad campaign, Taco Bell parodies Fun.’s “We Are Young” song to “Viva Young” to show how their menu makes people feel young and energetic. Some say the Spanish lyric is terrible and resembles a direct Google translate from the English version, but hey, it’s still catchy and people love it anyway.

Now, are you ready to incorporate music into your brand? If you’re in the hospitality business – like a restaurant, for example – setting up the right ambiance could mean a full patron or rolling tumbleweed during mealtimes.

Setting up the right ambiance for your brand will take many trials and errors. However, if you have a clear picture of what your business is and whom it wants to cater to, you’re going to spend less time making the wrong choices.

The business world continues to change, but music will continue to be a powerful tool for brands and they will leverage it. The way things go, businesses will go beyond licensing a creatively go a step higher.


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