Learn How Rogueintel Uses Ambient Music For Their Podcasts

Image by Patrick Breitenbach http://bit.ly/1eEYizA

In a former blog article, we have talked about how podcasts gain from using ambient music in the background.  We covered different topics for podcasts and the kind of background theme fitting for them.

Now, Ambient-Mixer user Rogueintel did exactly this. However, they took a whole different route. Instead of following one set theme, the background mixes created could fit into many different podcasts. They are themed according to places rather than topics, and can thus be used again and again.

Rogueintel – The Podcast Network

On Rogueintel.com, you can find different podcast shows hosted and presented, covering different themes, styles, and interests.

The background mixes created using Ambient-Mixer.com were designed for one of Rogueintel’s shows: Candid – With Lona Mori. The site proclaims that Lona was “born to rant”, however her podcast series covers interesting and contemporary themes. Different insights are delivered by the various guests on Mori’s show. One of the best-known may be filmmaker Uwe Boll.

Rogueintel’s Ambient Mixer profile

In the subway, in a bar, or a general city ambience – Rogueintel’s mixes create atmospheric background noises without distracting from the topics talked about and the interesting stories Lona Mori’s guests have to tell.

Check out the Candid podcasts or find Lona Mori on Twitter or Facebook.


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