Fog Atmospheres From An Ambient Noise Generator

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Atmospheric, ominous, calming, veiling – which adjective comes to mind when you think about the mist that can be seen covering the land so frequently during the fall season?

Personally, I think it can be all of the above. It just depends on how you look at it – and how you use it. Especially with the help of ambient noise (what else could we advocate for here), you can actively shape how fog influences and helps you.


Fog Atmospheres

What is a foggy atmosphere even good for? Actually, you can use it for whatever you want or need. Here are some common uses and established ideas:

  • set the mood to read a book
  • create a perfect atmosphere for writing
  • use it for an RPG campaign
  • put it in the background to nap or sleep

Creepy Mist

If you are in need of a more eerie atmosphere, something that feels ominous and menacing, as if something lurks in the mist, then check out the following ambient noise mixes:

Creepy Fog



Video games and horror movies, as well as the simple sounds of a misty forest at night, can help create a spooky, creepy atmosphere.

Calming Mist

You want something calm, something that lets you forget about the rest of the world for a bit? Then we have some soothing and inspiring misty atmospheres for you:

Calming Fog



An early morning, a peaceful evening, a warm foggy night. If you need something to unwind, find peace, then these might be just right for you.

More Weather Atmospheres

Autumn weather might be known for mist and rain, but there are so many more weather atmospheres out there that can help you get in the writing mood, immerse yourself in a book or find peace when sleeping. For example:


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