How Reading Can Help You Write

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Reading and writing – these two are closely linked. Without someone writing, we would never be able to read. At the same time, of what use would the act of writing be if no one would read it?

Furthermore, many people that love doing one of these also have a knack for the others. Writers usually love to read while passionate readers often feel the urge to write themselves. Since it’s currently NaNoWriMo as of the writing of this article, let’s have a look at the benefits reading can have for your writing skills and passion!


The Benefits Of Reading

In school, we are reminded every day that reading is beneficial. However, only a few of us really enjoy it when forced to read what doesn’t spark your interest. So, chances are that you haven’t paid much attention to what these supposed benefits might be. Luckily, we’re here to remind you.

So, let’s have a look at how reading helps you during NaNoWriMo and when writing in general!


Reading Expands Your Vocabulary

The more you read, the more words and expression you are exposed to. Even if they do not catch your attention at first, reading certain terms and expressions time and time again will have you inadvertently add them to your own vocabulary.

This also shows how important it is to read different kinds of books. A more technical or scientific book can bring closer a whole other vocabulary than a fantasy or historical novel. Both, however, can largely improve your ability to express yourself using different, more advanced or more appropriate terms.


Reading Improves Your Writing Skills

This goes hand in hand with the vocabulary expansion. Of course, when you pick up new words, you will not only use them in your everyday conversations. They will also influence your writing, fostering your skills in using metaphors or describing scenes and things more vibrant, scientific or accurate.

Furthermore, avid readers can easily develop a more fluid writing style. Depending on the authors a writer enjoys most, they can develop a writing style and skill similar to them.


Reading Improves Your Concentration

Something that is essential for your writing – whether it’s a NaNoWriMo project or a term paper – is concentration. Without focus, it’s difficult to get the words onto paper – or screen. Especially in a world of social media and having the whole world available through your phone, it’s important to find the time and a place that allows you to concentrate. While multi-tasking is, of course, a useful skill, the opposite is needed many times as well.

Readers develop a skill to focus all their attention on the story they are reading. Hence why many are able to read even when on public transport. This ability to focus on one thing at hand can be perfectly used for writing. It helps to blend out outer influences an anything that could potentially be distracting.


Reading Provides Knowledge

And knowledge is power, especially for your writing. Reading informative pieces will provide knowledge that you can use in your own writing. If you love reading fiction, this still applies. You will still gain knowledge about futuristic worlds, fantastical beasts, make-belief situations, solutions to different problems, ways to react in different situations, and so much more.





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