Music and Exercise Together Improve Your Workout

Ambient Mixer - Music and Exercise Together Improve Your Workout
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It is hard to imagine anyone working out or running without having an iPod or some sort of device which allows them to listen to music while they do so. Just like peas and carrots, music and exercise go hand in hand and can significantly improve your workout. But does listening to music while you work out or run give you an advantage? Does it make your workouts better? Research has shown that listening to music does in fact help people work out harder or with more intensity and enhanced fruition. Still, most people who work out everyday while listening to music do not really need scientists or research to tell them that working out with music is more enjoyable than without it.


What are the Benefits?


Millions of people work out in some form or another all over the world everyday. For many athletes or those that cycle, lift weights, jog, run or do some form of exercising, doing so without music is many times not an option. This is largely due to the fact that listening to music while doing exercises actually increases performance and leads to a more satisfying workout. The past ten years have led to numerous studies which have focused on the differences listening to music while exercising has on the person, their body and mind. Researchers have found that listening to music actually increases endurance and performance. One of the reasons for this is that listening to music while working out helps to distract those doing the workout from fatigue, pain and boredom. Music also helps to uplift the mood and boosts tenacity. Some actually suggest that it even promotes metabolic productivity.


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When Did it All Begin?

Contrary to what most might think, the connection between music and exercise didn’t actually start in the era of iPods or during the video workout explosion decades ago. Scholars believe that the relation began somewhere during 300 B.C. or even earlier. Dr. Carl Foster, from the University of Wisconsin, holds a PH.D., and is the director of the La Crosse Exercise and Health Program. He says “You would have to go all the way back to rowers on the Roman Galleys” for the connection of music and exercise. “The person who beat the drum to keep the rowers in rhythm was actually responsible for keeping them all working in unison” This is the same manner in which millions of people work out each day as they listen to their favorite tracks. This correlation can be best described as “Synchronized entertainment”


Reasons for Using Music During Workouts


Most athletes consider music their legal drug. It allows them to have an edge on others since it can actually increase endurance by as much as 15% while reducing the perception of effort. This is based on the fact that music is a good kind of distraction which helps makes the workout more enjoyable while making the workout appear to finish much faster. It also helps to increase the productivity of those on bikes, treadmills or running. Music assists the listener by putting them in the zone while they begin their workout routine each day. Another reason music benefits those working out so much is that helps them keep pace since it stimulates a part of the brain which tells it to move faster.  Music can also elevate your mood and make you want to move even more.


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While those that workout do not really need anyone to tell them that listening to music as they exercise improves their performance, it helps to know that science and research back them up. So grab your listening device and get your playlist ready as you begin your workout because music makes it that much better.

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