Why You Should Listen to Music When You Exercise

A lot of people listen to music when they exercise, but the only reason for that is because they know they like it. But there have actually been many studies completed that not only show that when you listen to music when you exercise it is a good thing, but they show WHY it’s a good thing. Here are a few of them.

Music Is a Great Distraction

music when you exercise

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One of the biggest benefits when you listen to music when you exercise is that it serves as a great distraction. There is a good chance your exercise session will be uncomfortable at times, so if your choice of exercise is something you do alone, music is a perfect remedy.

If you’re biking, running or anything of a similar nature, you will become tired at some point. Your muscles will likely begin to ache as well. If you are not listening to music, your mind will be exclusively focused on how much your muscles hurt and you would like to stop. Then it becomes a battle within your mind as to whether you will continue to exercise or not.

However, if you do listen to music when you exercise, you will be distracted. You won’t notice that you’re tired very quickly, and once you do notice, you can focus on the music instead of your tired and sore muscles.

Gets You in the Zone

Sometimes, when you listen to music when you exercise, it really sets your attitude and gets you in the zone. This usually happens when you listen to a song that you associate with a particular memory. You can channel that memory and put you into the frame of mind of when you originally heard it. Great songs also allow you to channel the emotion of the singer and that can get you into the zone as well. Music from the movies are especially helpful with this.

Sets a Beat

When you listen to music when you exercise, it can also help you set the pace. The beat of the music can stimulate your brain and tell it when to move. This can make your steps, swings, lifts, etc go to the beat of the music, keeping you motivated and focused on the pace. This has also been shown to help you exercise more efficiently.

Improve Your Mood

Numerous studies have shown that when you listen to music when you exercise, it will put you in a better mood. It doesn’t matter what bad thing happened a few hours ago, if you listen to music when you exercise, it will allow you to think about other things. Many people find that this is the time to think more about who they want to be as well as escape whatever is troubling them.

Music Makes You Want to Move

Other studies have shown that when you listen to the right kind of music when you exercise, it will actually make you WANT to move. This involves listening to “high groove” music. When you listen to this your brain gets excited and starts telling the rest of your body that it wants to move. This is going to help you get started with your workout, even when you aren’t that excited about it initially.

Cool Down

It can also be a good idea to listen to music when you exercise when you’re at the end of your workout and trying to wind down. Some nice, relaxing music is perfect for this.

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