Listening To Music Is Good For Your Health

 Listening To Music Is Good For Your Health
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Most of us love listening to music for different reasons. Some listen to music to make them feel better. Others listen to dance, to workout or just to pass time. However, there’s an even better reason to listen to your favorite tunes now. This is because listening to music is good for your health and living happier.





Health Benefits From Music


Nothing like a great song to put you in the right mood. When most people are feeling sad or happy, they usually blast their favorite tune to help them with their feelings. Now, there’s even a better reason to listen to music since recent studies have shown that music does more for you than just lift up your spirits. Numerous patients suffering from chronic back pain were recently found to be helped by the music they listened to. A recent research from Austria as well as a survey by Mind – The Mental Health Charity – provided some interesting findings. Their studies found that since music works on the autonomic nervous system, it can and does improve the health of those that listen to it. The reason behind this is  because this is the section of our nervous system which is responsible for controlling many important parts of our bodies.



Music Affects Us In Many Ways


From our heartbeat, blood pressure and brain functions to our limbic system. Our limbic system is the part of our brain that actually controls emotions and feelings. According to the findings, listening to slow rhythms actually lowers our blood pressure and heart beat. Once this takes place, it allows us to breath more slowly and easier. As this happens to our bodies, it ends up reducing muscle tension in our shoulders, back, neck and stomach. And if that wasn’t enough, the psychological tension on our mind is also greatly reduced when we listen to music as well.


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Turn That Radio On


Music has already been proven to help those who workout, run and cycle enjoy their routines even more. In fact, another study also found that those who listened to music while doing workouts ended up doing them happier, faster and with more energy than those that did not. Listening to music also helps with memory loss as a recent study in Norway found. Patients who suffered from post traumatic amnesia or memory loss were tested with taped or live music during six consecutive days. Those that did listen, had vast improvement compared to those patients who did not listen to any music at all.


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While there are those that do not need another reason to listen to music, those that do have another one now. If you want to be happier, live longer and feel less stressed, then put on some music and dance your troubles away.


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