What To Crank Up When It’s Getting Darker

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It’s official: summer is gone.
Now we welcome autumn with it’s golden leaves and soft storms, warm blankets and hot beverages, rainy days and peaceful nights. ??☕️

When the days get shorter and the nights longer while the weather, gradually, becomes worse and worse, it’s best to stay inside, wrapped up in a warm blanked, fingers clinging to a warm mug. Now, all that’s missing is a person you love or your beloved pet and some cozy and atmospheric ambience.


Ambient Noise Mixes For The Darker Season

Of course you can always play back your favorite music (or a movie) on such a cozy evening. And you can certainly use all kinds of background noises to create the atmosphere you want. The following are just some hints and tips for ambient noise and ASMR tracks we think fit the darker and calmer mood of autumn just perfectly.

Choose the mix you like, crank up your speakers, and relax!


Wind & Weather

During autumn, the weather is slowly getting worse. The sun vanishes more often (and way sooner) and rainy clouds darken the sky. Thunderstorms are no strangers during this season and neither is a – sometimes soft, sometimes strong – rain.

Even when it’s not raining or thunder and lighting aren’t piercing through the night (or way too silent for your taste), you can re-create such a stormy atmosphere while you sit inside, safe and sound and warm.


Cozy Fireplace

To many that grew up in more rural areas or who spent their vacations in the countryside, a fireplace is an absolute must on an autumn evening. While night comes earlier than in summer and the days are generally darker, a fire creates light, warmth, and an overall cozy atmosphere.

Just because you live in an apartment in the city or in a house with no open fireplace doesn’t mean that you have to relinquish this cozy feeling.


Halloween Is Around The Corner

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night.

– Danny Elfman, Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare before Christmas”



October 31st marks the date of Samhain or Halloween. It’s a creepy festival, filled with little monsters and spooks, eerie stories and dreadful legends. Yes, it is only September, but when the leaves turn yellow, gold and red and the street lights illuminate the darkness of the early evening, how can you not already picture pumpkins and ghost-like figures hiding in the shadows?

It’s never to early to prepare and get in the mood for Halloween!

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