Emulate The 4 Seasons With Ambient Noise

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Summer is coming.

But for several reasons, this might not be what you need. When inspiration hits, it’s usually independent of the season. Or you are in the middle of writing a particular piece that does not fit what the weather is portraying outside. Or maybe you just really dislike the summer season?

In any way, you can emulate the feeling of all four seasons for whatever purpose you need it for. Maybe you wish to study in a snow storm instead of having to see the beautiful weather outside. Or you are reading a novel set in a cold and rainy autumn instead of the warm summer. We have all the ambient atmospheres you need to mimic the different seasons or weather!


Mimic Seasons With Ambient Noise

Every season has it’s very unique smell, feel, look and, of course, sound. Following, you will find some of the best Ambient Noise mixes for each of the four seasons.

Let’s start with the one we initially mentioned…



What makes summer sound like summer though. The atmosphere of beaches and lake shores is one thing, but there is more. Crackling bonfires, crickets in the warm night, a gentle and refreshing breeze… Heck, even a happily chattering crowd at a BBQ can represent summer for you.

Here are some sound mixes that try to mimic these summer sounds.

Late Summer Night Fourth of July Day Relaxing on the Beach Summer Camp Oregon Beach Bonfire

If you can’t get enough of these warm summer sounds, you can find many more when searching for summer, bonfire, beach or other summer-related terms.


Autumn / Fall

With the change of season, the weather gets more and more extreme. In autumn, the wind gets colder and stronger, and rain is more frequent to fall. Rainy days and thunderstorms are especially nice to listen to during an autumn day. Furthermore, it’s the time of Thanksgiving, Halloween and harvest before winter comes.

Check out these autumn or fall themed ambient mixes.

Autumn Rainfall Autumn Evening Stream Halloween Autumn Stroll Thanksgiving

More sounds of autumn can be found, of course, when searching. Halloween even has its very own category with all sorts of creepy soundscapes.



Winter is when the weather shows its most ghastly side. But on the other hand, when storms and blizzards are over, you are greeted by a world completely powdered in white. Winter is usually a calm season that yet still comes with its own sounds and noises. Not to forget about Christmas!

The following sounds are what our users most associate with winter time.

Winter Lodge Cold Winter Christmas Time First Snow Stormy Winter Night

Just like Halloween, Christmas has its very own category. Other than that, search for winter, snow, snowstorm and more to find even more chilling soundscapes.



Spring is when everything starts anew. Nature blossoms, birds return from southern countries and everything is fresh and green and colorful.

The following atmospheres tried to capture this lively and happy spirit of spring. Bird songs, soft rain, warming wind… Check them out.

Spring Morning in the Garden Spring in the Village Outdoor Cafe in Spring English Spring Rain Sunny Morning in Bed

The same as above applies here as well, of course. If you can’t get enough fresh spring sounds, check out the search for spring or even birds.

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