Not Ready For Summer?

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Summer is a wonderful season. In the past, we have dedicated quite some articles to summer and how amazing it is.

But not everyone sees it like that. Thus, this article is dedicated to those that are not best friend with the warmest season – for numerous reasons. You dislike the warmth, the sun, the mosquitoes or simply miss the rain and a cold winter’s night? Then you came to the right place!


Flee From The Summer Craze

There are many reasons for why summer might not be your favorite season. Some are medical since the hot weather and humidity often cause problems for people. The high temperatures are a risk for certain groceries and foster illnesses related to salmonella and the like. Another annoying but also potentially dangerous thing are mosquitoes and other bugs that thrive in the warm weather.

Personal preference also plays a role though. Some people simply dislike when it gets too hot. You’re sweaty and every black surface turns into a hotplate. The tar is bubbling up, irresponsible people leave their children and dogs in cot cars, etc. The sun may release endorphins, but many still prefer the colder, more mellow weather.

Another reason can be that the weather is just “too good”. When you have to sit in your office, work, study for a test and the like, it can be painful to see the sun glancing in through the blinds. When you can not go out and enjoy the warm weather, it rather distracts from your tasks knowing how nice it is outside. The motivation sinks lower and lower and that’s not what summer feeling is supposed to do.


You need Rain?

Rain sounds are relaxing. But not only that. They calm you down and allow you to focus. They promote inspiration, motivation and concentration. However, rain is sparse during the summer months. Luckily, you can easily emulate a rain or even thunderstorm to create a great background atmosphere for working, studying, reading, writing or simply relaxing.

Check out for example:


Read also why you should not be upset about a rainy summer.


You miss Winter?

Summer can’t be everyone’s favorite season. Many may prefer the freshness of spring, a calm autumn rain or the coldest months of all: winter.

If you are not up for summer activities, you can create a more wintry atmosphere with some of the following ambient background noises:


Or maybe all you need is get into the mood for summer? ?

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