The Best Snowstorm Ambiences

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Thunderstorms, rain… in winter we have an equally relaxing and inspiring equivalent: snowstorms.

Heavy snow fall, gushing winds, chilling temperatures — being outside in a snowstorm is a very unpleasant experience. But if you are sitting in your warm living room under a cozy blanket, a good book in your lap and your fingers wrapped around a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a snowstorm can become an inspiring and calming occasion.


Sadly, winter doesn’t mean snow for everyone. And without snow, it will never be a snowstorm, right?

If you still don’t want to miss out on the snowstorm experience, we have gathered some of the best snowstorm and blizzard ambient atmospheres from


Walking in SnowstormWalking In Snowstorm

This ambient atmosphere combines sound of an icy wind with the howling of wolves. The occasional footsteps create an atmosphere that brings you right into the snowy scene.

In the BlizzardIn the Blizzard

A blizzard, mixed of different ambient wind sounds, is nicely accompanied not only by lonesome footsteps, but also by the infrequent playing of a Native American flute.

Cabin in BlizzardCabin in Blizzard

Outside, the raging storm. But inside, you are cozy and warm by a crackling fireplace. The only other sounds disturbing the peaceful scene is the creaking of the old oak tree in front of your snowed in cabin.


It’s a few days before Christmas and you’ve just lit a fire in your cozy apartment’s fireplace…

A more urban take on a winter’s snowstorm. The sound of wind and snow are mixed with the typical ambient noise of traffic.

This is what spending an evening in a stormy winter’s New York City must sound like.

Stormy Winter NightStormy Winter Night

A wild storm is roaring outside a cabin that is lit and warmed by a crackling fire. Imagine it is you, sitting in the creaking rocking chair, while thunder and wind dominate the ghastly scene outside.

Hogwarts During The HolidaysRavenclaw Holidays

A softer and more social take on a winter’s storm.

Imagine you’re in Hogwarts (not only for Ravenclaws!). A storm is howling outside and the people in your common room are busy chatting, catching up, having fun. A soft female voice sings while you warm your cold feet at the fireplace.

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