Valentine’s Music and Tips

Valentine's Day
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Tomorrow, it’s the day of love again! Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love, a holiday for couples but also for families.

To celebrate this day on as well, we have gathered all the articles that may give you a loving feeling or help you prepare for Valentine’s Day. We will also have a look at the most romantic ambient mixes our users made.


The Effect Love Has On Music

Some of the greatest music is said to be made by the hand of someone in love – or love-sick. Love, romance and the pain of a break up have always had a strong effect on music, inspiring composers, song writers, and musicians to create true masterpieces.

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Valentine’s Day Tips

Now, on to some more practical tips for your perfect Valentine’s Day. Knowing about the strong connection between love and music, it should be apparent that music should play a big role on the day of love. The perfect tune can set the perfect mood for a romantic day or evening with your loved one.

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But what to do on this special couples day? Preparation is the key. You still have some time until tomorrow to prepare some small (or bigger) things for your lover or partner. And if not: You can always apply these ideas next year and be better prepared than this year. 😉

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Valentine’s Day Music

Now, lets have a look at what some love-struck or simply inspired users of have created!

Valentine's AtmosphereRomantic Music For Valentine’s Day

Angelic voices and soft music, paired up with bells and wind chimes. The heart beat of your lover creates a positively excited undertone.

Romantic FireplaceLover’s Fireplace

There may be a storm outside, but you are cozily cuddled up with your loved one in front of a burning fire. Open fireplaces and warm blankets are the best!

Lovers BathBathe with me, my love…

A relaxing Sitar phrase adds a spa-like atmosphere to the sounds of water splashing and Jacuzzi bubbles. Imagine taking a bath with the person you love.

Cupid's OdeOde To Cupid – Bringer Of Love

Classical music, wind chimes, and the sounds of a summer day. What’s that? Is it cupid letting out a happy laugh?

Romantic FireplaceMadame Puddifoot’s Tea Shop

The most romantic place in the Harry Potter universe: Madame Puddifoot’s Tea Shop in Hogsmeade. Ignore the crowd chatting in the background and concentrate on your heavily beating heart and your Valentine’s date blowing you kisses.

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