Sounds That Will Make You Sleep Better

Sounds That Will Make You Sleep Better
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Everyone of us struggles to fall asleep at one time or another. There are those who suffer from insomnia and have chronic difficulty finding or staying asleep. While insomnia patients usually need stronger methods to help them, the suggestions found here may assist others. If you are one of those people, then here are some sounds that will make you sleep better.


Can’t Find My Sleep

One of the things many of us take for granted is being able to fall asleep without any kind of problems. As a matter of fact, some people actually have a hard time staying awake at times. However, there are countless others who struggle every night to find some sleep. Obtaining sleep is such a hassle for a lot of folks these days. So much so that many need pills or some other form of assistance to do so. The reasons for sleep troubles can be accounted to several factors. For one, during bed time is when most of us decide to think about our problems. This can cause stress, anxiety and worries which leads you to think about everything else except sleeping. Another reason is that a vast amount of people choose to take their cellular phones or other electronic devices to their bedrooms. Experts agree that this is not recommended since they can work against us when it comes time to sleep. Whatever the reasons may be for you not to be able to find your sleep, there is something you can do.

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What Sounds Works For You?

Here are some of the best sounds we recommend you try to see which one is the right sound for you.


Calming Music

While listening to calming music can help you sleep better, you should try to avoid listening to songs with lyrics in them. The reason for this is that lyrics can actually keep your mind thinking and active. The same can be said for songs with thumping bass lines which may keep you tapping your toes. Choose soft and mellow music with light sounds. These are sure to help you reach dreamland much faster. Smooth jazz, classical, folk and binaural beats are just some of the sounds to consider.


White Noise

Insomnia patients are often treated with white noise as a way to assist them with their problems sleeping. White noise is a combination of all noise frequencies. They work by helping to overspread outside sounds. There are several ways to reproduce white noise in your bedroom. The first is by downloading a white noise application to your tablet or cell phone. One app which works great is Sleep Pillow. It can reproduce sounds such as a bubbling stream, dryer or wind chimes. You can also buy a machine called ‘conditioners’ sold at retailers or drugstores.

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Human Voices

The idea of generating human voices to help you fall asleep may sound too crazy for some. However, when other options don’t work this may be one that will. There’s an application called Pzizz which features a human voice. Although the voice generated by the app says senseless things, the idea is not to focus on the words; instead, you allow the rhythm and tone of the voice slowly lull you to sleep.

Soothing soundscapes with human noise.


Nature Sounds

Ocean sounds, the trickle of raindrops or the chirping of animals in the forest are just some of the many nature sounds people listen to when trying to fall asleep. This may explain why nature sounds is one of the most used sleep sounds around the world. The volume and intensity in nature sounds tend to rise and fall as way to help you slumber. While there are machines which are sold to generate nature sounds, another option is to download an app. There are numerous apps out there to choose from as well. As long as you pick the right sounds for you, there shouldn’t be a problem with you finding Z’s.

Free Nature Ambient Noise.

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Slumber-Land Awaits

Having a little background noise in your bedroom can greatly assist you when trying to fall asleep. Still, finding the right kind of sound which may work best for you is very important as well. This is because what may work for one person, may not necessarily work for others. For the best results, you should alternate between sounds to see which one works best for you. Remember to try each of these and other methods out there before you decide which one might best suited to aid you find sleep.  Of course if none of these work, you can always try counting sheep.

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