Find an Early Valentine’s Day Idea for Next Year

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, so now you don’t have to think about it for another year, right?  Wrong. What better time to start identifying your best Valentine’s Day idea for next year than when this year is still so fresh in your mind. Were you happy with the day?

valentine's day idea
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What could have been planned better? With the success or failure of the day still fresh in your mind, start making plans for next year (and write them down so you don’t forget!)

Here are some ideas for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day that you can use. If you check back on your idea a few times between now and next February to fine tune it, you will have the perfect way to spend the day all ready to go.

Plan at Least One Surprise

Whether you’re going to spend the evening on a date, a romantic dinner at home, or you will be treating the evening just like another day, a great Valentine’s Day idea is to plan at least one surprise during the day.  If your regular routine is to buy flowers and a card, plan one more surprise for the day.

This surprise can be something like finding a romantic poem that you can send via text during the day, or a handwritten note you planned ahead of time so it could be delivered on the 14th.  It doesn’t have to be big, just unexpected.

Turn Back Time

This is a great Valentine’s Day idea if you have been with the same partner for a number of years. Do something on the day that takes you back to when you were both younger and just getting to know each other.

This can include a trip to the arcade, where you try to win fabulous prizes for the other one, a huge bouquet of balloons, having an “all dessert” dinner or having some ambient music ready that takes you back to an early vacation to the beach, a camping trip or an exciting excursion to the big city.

Get Their Favorites

Another popular Valentine’s Day idea is to focus completely on your partner. This can include getting their favorite movie, planning their favorite dinner, playing their favorite music and surprising them with their favorite snack. Knowing what the favorites are of our partner will help you score big points!

Check in Frequently

Many people simply take the easy way out and buy flowers. While flowers are always popular, you can make the day even more special by doing little things for your partner all day long.

  • Leave a note in the morning on the countertop or in their car letting them know you’re thinking of them.
  • Send them an email later in the day that includes romantic ambient music tracks
  • Sent a text a few hours later of your favorite love poem

Do Something Surprising

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day idea is the one that is the most unexpected. Think about the fun when your partner sees the (fake) tattoo you got of their name on your shoulder.  Call the local radio station and have them play “your song” along with a special dedication. Print up a t-shirt with your partner’s face and words of love written all over it. Special order balloons to celebrate your partner and have them delivered.


When you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day idea that will knock it out of the park, start by looking at this year, identify what worked and what didn’t, and then add one of the ideas from our list.

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