Soothe your Baby to Sleep with Music

Original image by Bridget Coila

You know how difficult it can be to fall asleep as an adult, however you most of the time know what is keeping you awake and what strategies help to put you to sleep. With babies, it’s different. They don’t have these routines or strategies yet. That’s why parents have to help put their little angel to sleep and teach him or her how to soothe themselves to sleep on their own.

There are many theories, strategies, and guides out there on how to train your newborn or toddler how to get used to sleeping schedules and pre-bedtime routines. There are steps you can follow to put your kid to sleep, and even advice you may have never heard before. We will not elaborate on different patterns or techniques. Instead, we want to talk about how soothing music and white noise can help your little one to travel to the land of dreams faster and without any bumps.

Baby Sleep Soothers

Expensive baby sound machines or crib soothers may be a parenting tool you think you do not really need. Yet, we have gathered some reasons for why you may want to give such methods a try – especially when you can have it all for free on your tablet, laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

1. Bedtime/Nightly Routine

Singing lullabies or playing soothing music can become a valuable part of your bedtime routine for the little one. Nightly routines teach the child that it’s time to go to bed, having a soothing effect themselves alone. Adding some lullaby-inspired music or other soothing sound effects easily set the mood for the time before a good night’s sleep.

2. Sleep Masking

Sleep maskers and general noise maskers prove to be very useful for concentration and sleep in general, so why would it be different for your baby? It isn’t. You can not control every noise in and around the house that may wake the infant up from its slumber. A consistent noise masker or soft white noise machines help you to drown out outside noise and let your baby sleep soundly and without interruption.

3. A Comfort during Wake-Ups

However, sometimes it can not be prevented that your little one wakes up in the middle of the night, all fussing and bothered. This is the perfect time to turn on the soothing music or background sounds again. If your kid already associates the comforting sounds with its nap or sleep time, soothing him or her becomes a lot easier already.

Are you still not convinced? Are the investments for white noise machines and crib soothers not worth the try in your opinion? Then we have good news for you. Using the Ambient-Mixer service is free of cost, and with the mobile app, you can even use your tablet or an old phone to soothe your baby to sleep. The least you can do is try, and in most cases, you will see the benefits for not only your baby but also your own health and night’s sleep after a few days.

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