Fan Sounds To Sleep To

Fan Sounds to Sleep to
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Summer really has us in the northern hemisphere in its hot grip. The temperatures are high and the felt temperatures are even higher. Even at night, it’s difficult to get sleep when all you can do is concentrate on breathing and sweating like crazy.

If you don’t have an AC, a ceiling or small standing fan will become your best friend over such days. Next to creating some soothing and hopefully cooling wind, fans can do more to help you sleep though! They create soothing ambient sounds that can actually help you fall asleep! Read more for additional information and great metal fan sounds if you don’t have one, if yours doesn’t make a sound or if it’s just too silent.


Better Sleep With Fan Sounds

White noise is great for sleeping. The sounds of a running, electric fan can have the exact same effect on you.

One thing that keeps us awake at night is, oftentimes, background noise. Noisy neighbors, a TV nearby, traffic, … All these noises are potentially keeping the sweet slumber away from you. With white noise – for example, created by a metal fan or ambient noise maker – you can drown out these distracting noises.

Some people use music as some kind of white noise. Many times, unfortunately, music doesn’t do a good job of drowning out background noise. Plus, listening to music that contains lyrics (which probably includes your favorite songs) can stimulate an emotional response from your brain, even subconsciously, that will keep you awake.

So, why not combine the soft wind a fan creates with it’s “white noise ability” to foster a good night’s sleep! ?️


Ambient Fan Sounds

Your fan is too silent? Or you don’t have one? If you still want to experience the soothing sounds of a running fan or AC, check out the ambient noise tracks below. Many of them are paired with even more relaxing sounds that will help you sleep like rain, crackling fire, a soothing heartbeat, and more!

Fan Sounds To Sleep To

Industrial Ventilation


Rain at Night With Cat-Company

Quiet Afternoon

Ambient Ventilation


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