8 Useful Tips For Writing Songs

8 Useful Tips For Writing Songs
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Do you love writing songs? Are you thinking of doing it as a hobby or career? Perhaps you simply love writing poetry which is similar to songs. Or it could be that you play an instrument or like playing music. No matter which reason it may be, here are 8 useful tips for writing songs. There are many things to consider and this article takes a look at what they are to help you.

One of the questions many aspiring songwriters have is which part to write first, the music or the words? The reality is that there really is not a right, wrong or easy way to answer that. Some people begin with the music first, while others start with the lyrics. In certain cases, a few have used a combination of the two. Regardless to which step you choose, these tips can help point you in the right direction.


Tips To Consider –


People who love music and writing, often consider writing a song. In fact, when listening to music, some of us find ourselves thinking that perhaps we could write a song similar or better than the one we hear. Others, when faced with difficult situations in their lives, often fall back on writing; whether it’s via music, words or both. Below are some tips to consider if you want to become a songwriter.


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  1. Keep Pads With You –


The first thing anyone who wants to write for a living should do is make sure they keep a handful of reporter’s pads with them. No one really knows when an idea or thought about a song will come to their heads. The problem is that in many cases, if you don’t write it down right away, you can end up forgetting it. By having access to a pad at all times, you will make you can keep a record of it right away.


  1. No Idea Is Too Crazy –


We have all heard some songs which we have wondered “How did this song ever become popular or a hit?.” The truth is that in music, like everything else, nothing is ever sure. This means that something you may find crazy, stupid or boring, others will love or enjoy. If you get an idea for a song or music, then go with it. When you follow an instinct or gut feeling, it can end up turning into something bigger.


  1. Listen To All Music Genres –


The vast majority of us have a certain music genre we enjoy or like. It could be country, rap, jazz, pop or rock & roll. However, when it comes to music writers, things are different. As a songwriter, you should challenge yourself to listen to all kinds of music. Doing so will help you expand your horizons and how you view the ideas of other songwriters. In addition, you may find inspiration for a song or music, to use it in a genre you really enjoy.


  1. Go To Concerts Or Live Events –


A great way for you to gain experience and learn about music is by attending live music events. Going to concerts can help you feel the music and the lyrics the bands or artists are singing in person. Be sure to bring your pads with you to write notes or ideas. Also, ask questions to people around you about songs and how they may feel about it. Listening to them and their thoughts may help you gain a better understanding about lyrics and music.


  1. Read About Music –


Like anything else, studying about a certain subject or matter is important. Reading about music will help you gain knowledge and understanding about how others feel about it. Absorbing information, will allow you to gain insights from those that have already succeeded in the music field. You can read biographies, periodicals and reference books. You can also visit websites dedicated to music, artists and topics dealing with music.


  1. Write About What Inspires You –


Some of the most beautiful love songs have been written by artists or songwriters because they were inspired by something or someone. If you have someone or something in your life which you love, write about it. Perhaps there’s a current relationship you may be in and someone you truly love. Use that experience to bring out your thoughts and feelings to put them on paper.


  1. Find A Hook –


If there’s one thing that songs have in common, it is a catchy hook. In fact, having a great hook can often compensate for other parts. There have been thousands of songs throughout history, which have become hits due to their hooks. Finding a hook, will allow you to then focus on the rest of the song later. You can look at a the hook as the stepping stone to the song. Once you have the idea, then build on it until you finalize it.


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  1. Purchase A Recorder –

Just like having a notepad around you is very crucial, so is having a voice recorder. One of the advantages voice recorders have over notepads, is that they allow you to save information faster. Instead of writing whatever is on your head, you can simply say it. If you have a smartphone, chances are that it has a voice recording option. Many songwriters have gotten ideas or hooks for a song while doing something totally unrelated to writing. In that moment you get those ideas, it is crucial to record it. In addition, a recorder will allow you to add not only voice lyrics, but also the beat or tempo you want the song to have all at once.

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