Use Ambient Noise For Anxiety Treatment

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May is Mental Health Month. And we wanted to do our bit the best way we can. Last week, we have talked about a overwhelming state called sensory overload. Today, we will have a look at an issue that is far more known: anxiety.

Not everyone that feels anxious or frightful at times ultimately suffers from the dreaded anxiety disorder. Whether you have this condition or just feel temporarily overwhelmed and panicky, there are ways to at least ease the effects of anxiety. This is where we come in.

Read more to find out what is classified as anxiety and how you can treat yourself to some extend.


Anxiety Treatment With Ambient Noise


What Is Anxiety

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), anxiety is something quite common in our everyday life. Many people feel anxious before an exam or when they have to make an serious decision. Just because you feel nervous or get sweaty hands due to situations of high stress levels doesn’t mean you are suffering from a so-called anxiety disorder though.

NIMH furthermore states that there are several kinds of diagnosed anxiety disorders. They – unlike the short-term fears we all feel from time to time – are not temporary and tend to get worse over time. The constant feeling of fear of even panic has a strong, negative impact on the life of those that suffer from an anxiety disorder.

If you want to get more information, the NIMH homepage lists different signs and symptoms of the anxiety disorder, together with risks and possible treatment.


Self-Treatment With Ambient Noise

If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder that fatally affects your everyday life, getting professional treatment is advised. However, the NIMH also suggests several methods of self-treatment, like joining support groups or trying typical anti-stress techniques. Here is where ambient noise comes into play. It is well known that music can improve your health under certain circumstances. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it also helps to ease some of the negative effects anxiety can have on you.

Even if you are lucky and not suffering from the long-term consequences of anxiety, music and soothing ambient noise can still help to ease anxiety and the little fears we may experience here and again throughout our everyday life. Following, we have listed some examples of ambient noise mixes that can hep you ease anxiety.


My Happy Place
A cozy night in late autumn, containing wind and rain and a cat companion purring.

Your happy place is a place of sanctuary and calm. Here, you can feel safe and protected, happy and careless. It doesn’t matter if your happy place is a place that actually exists, or one you like to dream yourself to in order to retreat from the real world for a little while.
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Relaxing On The Beach
Reading a book with your toes in the sand. Gentle waves, a soft breeze. ahhh…

Sometimes, all you need to ease your racing mind is a calm and soft atmosphere of a secluded beach. No other people are around, it’s just you, nature, and a good book.
Here, you can read more about all kinds of beach & water sounds.

Warm Cottage
A warm cottage house on a cold winter day.

There is no place like home – especially when it’s a warm and cozy cabin during a cold winter day. You can hear the wind howling outside, but inside it’s nice and warm. A mixture of white noise rumbling and the crackling of fire can easily lull you into a far more relaxed state.
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The Perfect Hogwarts Library
A cat purring, some rain, and a fire roaring away. What more could you want?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to flee the real world for a while. To do so, our users have created some ambient mixes, that will transport you into your favorite books, movies, series or even video games. For example:

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