How YouTube Is Replacing Live Music Spots

How YouTube Is Replacing Live Music Spots
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There is nothing greater for a music fan than to be able to see and listen to their favorite band or artist perform live on-stage. This has always been one of the best parts about being able to watch someone in person in front of you. However, the past few years, things have changed dramatically when it comes to places that offer live bands performances. Many people in the music industry are really surprise to see how YouTube is slowly replacing live music places such as bars and concert halls. Hundreds of places used to hold live venues where bands and music artists performed have been closing down their doors each year.





The Birth of A New Venue


A decade or so ago, people  looking for a new band or artist would usually go out to a place that offered live band performances to discover new talent. For others looking for a song that they wanted to listen to, they would search and find a site Online which had it. Others  would somehow either purchase the song or download it to be able to listen to it. Nevertheless, the way we listen to music Online has totally changed the past few years however. One particular site which has transformed the way we see, hear and watch music Online is YouTube. The site not only has billions of videos from anything you can think of, it is also the place most of us go to listen to a song. Listening to the song of the artist has changed because now most songs can be watched on a video as you listen to them. Because of this, many people that normally went to public places to see new artists perform or to discover new bands playing are now doing so on YouTube. Since most performers know this, thousands of up and coming artists are now turning to the video site to promote their talent and gain followers.


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The Place For Artists To Be Now Is….


We all know the Internet is everywhere as it connects Billions of users each day from all over the world. We also know that the world wide web, the availability of so many sites and people having access to it via electronic devices has also increased. This is one of the reasons why Justin Beiber, who is one of the most financially successful pop artist this past decade, was discovered through his YouTube channel. Shawn Mendes, whom like Beiber is another Canadian singer, also ended up amassing more than 3.8 million followers through a similar video sharing app. Cases like this are not uncommon any more. More and more artists are now turning to YouTube to expose their talents, gain fans and hopefully become famous. YouTube is a also great way for them to make money since the more followers and views they have, along with other factors, help contribute to them earning cash.


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 Winners And Losers

So now because of sites like YouTube and Vine (Another video sharing site) numerous artists are able to exhibit their talents. Best of all, they are able to reach an even larger audience since the videos can be seen all over the world. The fans or users are also winners in that they can be able to enjoy music without having to leave their homes or paying to go out to some place. The only losers in these new performing venues are the thousands of places where most of the bands and artists once performed. Once again, technology and the evolution of time and life have contributed to changing and altering our lives and how we listen, watch and see music.

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