This Was 2017

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2017 was a year with many ups and downs, catastrophes and acts of human kindness, surprises and turns.

We hope dearly that the year was mostly kind for you, that you learned a lot, met new, amazing people, and will look back at it with happy and uplifting thoughts in your mind. Don’t let the bad things linger in your mind. It’s better to get rid of them before you start into 2018.

Let’s have a look at how 2017 was on!


The Ambient Mixer In 2017

Before we start, we have to thank all of you! Without our big, creative and fun user base, Ambient-Mixer wouldn’t be filled with life. We are glad to see that you come to the site to create your own mixes for writing, reading, RPG sessions, falling asleep more easily and so much more!

Thank you for spending yet another year with us, creating and listening to new mixes and simply being part of our community! Thank you!


Now, let’s head on and find out what 2017 brought for Ambient Mixer and its users.


NEW In 2017

iOS 11 AppThe biggest news in 2017 came relatively late. In September, Apple announced that many apps created for iOS will not be supported by the new update to iOS 11. This included, among so many others, the Ambient Mixer app as well. This put us in front of a difficult decision: letting the app run out and not work for future generations of iOS users… or developing a whole new one.

We decided for the latter and it was born: our brand new iOS & Android app! With a polished new look, new features and a whole new concept, there is a new app in the stores for your ambient noise, sleeping help and background sounds needs. The support of you guys for this new app is amazing and it still stuns us how much you love it and how easily you accepted the changes we had to make. We are very proud of the new Ambient Music App and hope that we can make your life a bit easier with it every day.


Two other innovations in 2017: the newly introduced pagination and a brand new category.

With the pagination, you can now browse all mixes created in a certain category or for a search term. From now on, you are not limited to just one page of content, but you can actually check out over 25,000 mixes created across all categories!

Furthermore, we created a new category to put your mixes into. For some time, all Disney related mixes have been gathered in the Movies & Series category. As of 2017, Disney earned its own category spot! Thus, if you want to listen to Disney and Pixar inspired ambient mixes separately, you can now check them out even easier.


Most Popular In 2017

What did you like most in 2017 about Ambient Mixer? Which mixes, categories, blog articles grabbed our users attention? And what was searched most for on Here are some lists of the top 5 most liked and searched for things:

Ambient Mixes Searches Categories Blog Articles
5. Hufflepuff Common Room Medieval RPG All Sorts Of Nature Sounds
4. The Perfect Storm Jungle Relaxing Sounds 7 Great Music Apps For Mixing Music
3. Ravenclaw Common Room Underwater Weather Horoscope Signs And Their Music Preferences
2. Slytherin Common Room Forest Movies – Other What Is Music Without Words Called?
1. Gryffindor Common Room D&D Harry Potter 10 Great Songs To Sing To Your Grandma


That was interesting! And, of course, we hope to see a lot more innovations, new mixes and favorites in the upcoming year.


Stay save, let 2017 end with a good bang and all the best for 2018!

Your Team


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