Science fictions sounds for outer space videos

Sounds for outer space recreate what our imagination tells us about the universe, space ships, galaxies and other space stuff. Of course, all this has been influenced by films and television. Because of course in the outer space there is no sound. But we like to fantasy about it, as this is what we are used to from science fiction.

In this other blogpost we showed where to find high quality and inspiring images for space atmospheres. The same sources do offer video footage you can use in the same way.

We have just taken the liberty of remixing some of the space and science fiction related ambiances made by the Ambient Mixer community with some of these videos. As the NASA and ESO restrictions regard the audio footage and personal rights from people shown in the videos, we just cut out the things we did not need.

This way, we have produced a channel for space ambiances in Youtube where we show what you can do too if you want to play around with the mixer.

The space-related atmospheres in Ambient Mixer currently are spread among a few categories and search results, like the science fiction category, the unreal ambiences category, single atmospheres recreating a space ship like the Space Station Calm atmosphere, the Zen Garden in Orbit atmosphere,

For your inspiration we have taken some of these ambiances and remixed their sounds with videos from space missions and telescope images.

Take a look and feel inspired for your own work:

Check out the playlist here.

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